Ji Seok-jin and Yoo Jae-seok whispered ‘Congratulations, you XX’ (‘Strong Heart Alliance’) |

[스포츠한국 김두연 기자]

Broadcaster Ji Suk-jin presented a behind-the-scenes story about Yoo Jae-suk when he won the SBS Entertainment Awards.

On SBS’s ‘Strong Heart League’, which aired on the 30th, Ji Suk-jin appeared and looked back at last year’s SBS Entertainment Awards ceremony.

On this day, Ji Seok-jin said, “If you look at the award ceremony, there are not many people who receive two awards that day. Among the candidates for the grand prize, A is said to have been blown to away when he received the award. The first person to fly that day was Yoo Jae-seok. “I thought I blew one in,” he said.

He said, “Then, Lee Sang-min, who was a candidate for the big award, accepted the honorary worker award that I received. Tak Jae-hoon, me, and Shin Dong-yeop stayed. “He’s gone,” he said.

Ji Seok-jin, who said, “Actually, I’m thinking about my acceptance speech from then on,” he said, “Can I accept it now? What can I say? I was expecting it. ” “The the moment I announced the big award, I opened the envelope and saw the mouth of the general manager. He said ‘Yoo Jae-seok’. At that time, the scene of the award ceremony As you can see, my face became so comfortable, it felt as if’ r pain over.”

Then, he said, “Honestly, I felt good. I really wanted to congratulate you. I said in Yoo Jae-seok’s ear, ‘Congratulations, you XX’.”


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