Ji Yuan’s proposed Japanese chip goal “beyond 2 nanometers” exceeded China’s criticized as a castle in the sky, the possibility is shaky | blog post

Japanese media reported on the 22nd that the newly established semiconductor manufacturing company “Rapidus” with the support of the Japanese government presented the bold banner of “beyond 2 nanometers”. Japan hopes to use this to surpass China in technology and reclaim the title of “silicon industry powerhouse”. However, Japan, which is currently able to produce 40nm chips, hopes to jump to the world’s most advanced 2nm in one step. This has been criticized by many industry insiders as a “castle in the sky”. They believe that Japan’s move could repeat the history of “winning the technology and losing the market” Even Japan’s Kyodo News said that the plan “faces serious challenges” and that its prospects are “shaky”.

According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” report, Toyota, Sony, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), NEC, NEC, Nippon Denso, Softbank, Kioxia and Mitsubishi UFJ Bank announced on the 11th of this month that they would establish a joint -venture arrangement of a high-end chip Company called Rapidus. The company’s name means “fast” in Latin.

Rapidus President Atsuyoshi Koike (left) and Chairman Higashi Tetsuro.

Rapidus President Atsuyoshi Koike (left) and Chairman Higashi Tetsuro.photos online

According to the report, Rapidus is led by Dong Zhelang, former president of chip equipment maker Tokyo Electronics, with the aim of starting production of high-end chips “beyond 2 nanometers” between 2025 and 2030, and mass production in 2027. All eight companies have their own site. For example, Kioxia’s advantage is storage semiconductors, Sony will fully play with its imaging advantages, and Softbank and others can provide financial support. In addition, the Japanese government has announced that it will give the company 70 billion yen in subsidies to finance its development and chip production.

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