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To commemorate her mother as director Jia Ling gave 99 points to “Hello, Li Huanying”-Xinhuanet

Xinhuanet, February 9th. Comedian Jia Ling’s first work “Hello, Li Huanying”, directed by the crossover, will be released on New Year’s Day in 2021. “Do your best and don’t blame yourself.” Jia Ling wrote these words in a memo for herself before the movie started. For her, this movie has an extraordinary meaning, “Maybe making a movie can make me (better) remember my mother”.

In 2001, her mother’s unexpected death became an unerasable pain in Jia Ling’s heart. To commemorate, Jia Ling once created a sketch under the name of her mother “Li Huanying”, and it appeared on the stage in 2016. The skit presents the sincere love between mother and daughter in a comedy way. Especially at the end of the scene, Jia Ling hid her face on the stage and moved countless audiences. It showed her deep yearning for her mother, and it also contained the deep regret of “the child wants to support her but does not wait.”

Jia Ling said frankly: “After filming this sketch, I feel much happier and relieved of some small burdens.” In this case, she decided to make a film to better commemorate her mother and commemorate herself and herself. Mom’s emotions. She hopes to convey to the audience the profound connotation of “to cherish everything you have now” through the happiness and current loss shown in the film.

I hope the audience will be happy when they meet their mother

Since the short “Hello, Li Huanying”, Jia Ling has prepared for the film version for four years. Compared with the sketches, how to use richer presentation techniques and more life-oriented presentation methods to improve the quality of the film? For Jia Ling, who directed her for the first time, learning these unfamiliar areas took her a lot of time and energy. In addition, the film version has a stronger commemorative significance to Jia Ling. It is necessary to stretch the 30-minute sketch into a two-hour movie. In the process of rewriting, she added a lot of personal experience clips, “For example, my house is the whole factory. The first one to buy a TV, my mother loves to play volleyball very much, and I included all of this.”

Whether it’s the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” or the skit of the same name, Jia Ling has used comedy to carry the thoughts of her mother. She said: “Although my mother has passed away, I hope that I will remember the moments with her. , Are some happy past.” As a comedian, Jia Ling hopes to bring more happiness to everyone, “This movie is not only to introduce my optimistic and laughing mother, but also hope that all audiences can talk to my mother. Continue to live a happy life.”

This is a work to commemorate my mother. Jia Ling revealed that the choice of comedy is because “I hope that the audience will be happy when they meet my mother.” “We are in an era when it is so simple to obtain happiness, but happiness is not so memorable. “In her opinion, there is no need to label comedies so much. As a comedian, it is enough to bring happiness to the audience.”

Don’t want to sell favors, rely on the script to move Shen Teng to join

The movie “Hello, Li Huanying” starring Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei, Shen Teng, and Chen He tells the story of her daughter Jia Xiaoling’s sudden death due to her mother’s accident, traveling back from 2001 to 1981 when she met her young mother Li Huanying. Speaking of running-in with several actors, Jia Ling said: “Everyone is a very talented comedian, and there is no problem of inconsistent performance system.”

It is worth mentioning that Jia Ling not only invited the original crew of the sketch, but also invited the famous comedian Shen Teng to join. The two formed a deep friendship in the variety show they participated in together, but in Jia Ling’s view, “it is not the success of anyone who can be used with favor”. In order to live up to the trust, Jia Ling carefully revised the script, adjusted the role in the way Shen Teng liked, and finally impressed him with the script. Talking about the cooperation with Shen Teng, Jia Ling revealed: “Teng Teng taught me a lot of things, thank him very much.” She recalled that Shen Teng jumped into the lake over and over again, a wrestling scene. It took two days to shoot and polished 17 pieces. In the behind-the-scenes special of the film, Shen Teng said: “(Jia Ling) is the first time to be a director, I think it’s better not to be available, to shoot more, not to be enough.

Not afraid of the pressure of the Spring Festival file to give the director’s debut 99 points

Competition for the 2021 movie Spring Festival is particularly fierce, with 7 movies each with their own characteristics. Talking about the pressure of competition, Jia Ling said, “It’s great to let a hundred flowers bloom.” “With so many films, we all go to the movies, take precautions, and make up for the regret of not watching movies last year (Spring Festival). “In her opinion, after the hardships of 2020, we all need to be excited too much. “So as long as everyone is willing to go into the cinema this year, you can actually watch which one.” Regarding her work, Jia Ling recommends : “(The movie) is quite suitable to be scheduled for the Spring Festival, because my movie is very suitable for taking my parents to watch.”

“Hello, Li Huanying” has been on pre-sale, and the pre-sale results were ranked second among the 7 films in the Spring Festival file as of press time. From the current point of view, this is a good start. But for the choice of “cross-border”, Jia Ling revealed that in the process, hardship and exhaustion filled her heart. The director needed to make a decision, was responsible for each decision, and had to bear huge pressure. “Maybe it will be released. I will enjoy this result. Maybe after a period of rest, my mind will change a lot.” But for this film, she “just wanted to make a film to commemorate her mother.”

Jia Ling scored 99 points for her directorial debut. She said: “I wrote a sentence to myself when I started it, “Do your best and never blame yourself.” She revealed that she did everything herself. Regardless of success or failure, she will resume the game, and she will blame herself for being careless, but she has been preparing for this film for a long time and has done very carefully. She does not want to make up for this regret and leave more. Regrettably, “In my 38-year-old experience and in my cognition of movies at this age, I have been the best I can do, and after doing my best, I am satisfied.” (Written by Susan )



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