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Entertainment Center/Comprehensive Report 【11/29 07:41 Press Release| 14:39 Update: New audio and video】

The hit reality variety show “All-Star Observation” ushered in its last episode yesterday (28). Jiang Hongjie and 7 members including Xiaochun, Dayuan, Wu Sixian, Xiaozhu, Lin Jinglun and Kueh Kueh also came to the cafe by the sea. , Share this time and mood of getting along with each other, and draw a perfect end to the joyous journey of 14 days. Jiang Hongjie even shed tears in an interview and revealed that he had experienced the hardships in the past, and he didn’t even know what to do. He only told himself, “I must go forward because I have children.”

▲▼ Jiang Hongjie shed tears during the All-Star Observation. (Picture/Retrieved from YouTube in the All-Star Watch)

In the latest episode, Jiang Hongjie revealed in a personal interview that his mood had been depressed for a while and passed a low ebb. When I talked about my current situation, I even burst into tears and said that because I didn’t know how to go on, I even called my friends for help, saying frankly, “I seem to be really unable to hold on anymore. The whole person has no thoughts at all. The chair was empty, thinking about what to do next, but I still have to move forward because I have children.”

▲▼ Jiang Hongjie returned to the same beach because of the shooting of the show, but his mood was different. (Picture/Retrieved from YouTube in the All-Star Watch)

Then Jiang Hongjie mentioned that because the location of the catalog movie happened to be the same beach where his friend accompanied him to relax at the time, it reminded him of the most broken and isolated past, and he was also standing in the same place to see the same scenery. At that time, Xiaochun said to him, “Xiaojie, when you came last time, it was all black and you couldn’t see anything. But this time, when you look at it, the sky and the sea are all clear and open. Your heart should be ready to be opened. Look forward”, the words not only touched Xiaojie’s heart, but also made him cry out. Looking back, he didn’t know how he came here.

Although Jiang Hongjie said frankly that as long as he encounters trivial matters, family matters, or parting situations, he will be much more sensitive, and even a little incident will trigger the most vulnerable side of his heart, but he said that after adjusting his mood, he will be more sensitive. Keep going.


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