Jiang Tao was captured again, Wei Yuan Dabo was clearly half a yard bigger

Jiang Tao was caught again, Wei Yuan’s body was obviously half a yard bigger than before

Mirror 7After a serious accident at the Red Pavilion concert in May,12One member stopped his work for two months immediately, and it was said thatMirror It will resume work next month. Jiang Tao, who has always relied on playing basketball to reduce stress, was photographed many times during the break from the group and went to Victoria Park to play basketball.

Last night, Jiang Tao was caught again and appeared in Victoria Park. Some netizens provided photos. Jiang Tao was seen in a short-sleeved black shirt and dressed in a low-key manner. During the wave, Jiang Tao did not remove her mask to prevent the epidemic. Her awareness was very high, and he was very energetic when he passed the ball and blocked the waves. After two months of pampering, Jiang Tao’s figure was obviously half a yard bigger than before. At the spot, he was almost fifty people were walking by watching Jiang Tao playing in the waves, and they saw that Jiang Tao was in a relaxed mood, and called with his friends.11I left after the lights on the penalty court were turned off. I believe that Jiang Tang is all looking forward to the day when their idols return to work.

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