Jiang Zemin: Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin has died.

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Jiang Zemin dies aged 96

30 November 2022, 15:49 +07

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Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin led China through a period of transition from the late 1980s into the new millennium. Died aged 96.

The Chinese government has ordered government buildings across the country to do so The flag was lowered to the pole. to mourn the former leader

Jiang Zemin came to power after the Tiananmen Incident and ruled China, the world’s most populous country. At the time when China was rising to be a world power

Chinese state news agency Xinhua confirmed that Jiang Zemin had died of leukemia. and many organs stop working in Shanghai at 12:13 pm (China time), November 30, 2022.”

Jiang Zemin came to power in 1989, replacing President Deng Xiaoping. China has just opened up the country. and in the era of modern economic reform This comes amid international criticism for the use of force against protesters in Tiananmen Square under the government of President Deng Xiaoping.

Thus, Jiang Zemin’s rise to power as a compromise leader was set in motion. in the hope of rebuilding unity and easing tensions between ultra-nationalists. and the more liberal party

He also led China when British colonial rulers handed Hong Kong back to mainland China in 1997, and its accession to the World Trade Organization in 2001 made China’s economy more international. not only that In Jiang’s era China also won the right to host the Winter Olympics in 2008.

despite political and economic reforms Nes received widespread praise But he was heavily criticized for using force against Falun Gong in 1999, which the Chinese Communist Party considers a threat to its stability.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn wrote an autobiography of Jiang Zemin in the book called “The man who changed China Jiang Zemin’s life and legacy,” he wrote about China’s accession to the World Trade Organization. “It has been a factor in double-digit economic growth for more than a decade.”

“China’s economic direction was clear then. in my opinion and until the end of his tenure China can no longer go back to the old China. “

However, CNN reported that Many observers of the Jiang Administration looked This led to widespread corruption. which is still the subject of debate to this day

Jiang once spoke of the benefits of “Everyone can get rich quietly” in strengthening the Communist Party’s power as a one-party government. instead of reforming politics to be more democratic

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