Jiangxi Police: Hu Mouyu’s blood type is O, not panda blood spread on the Internet_Hangzhou Net

Jiangxi Police: Hu Mouyu’s blood type is O, not the spread of panda blood on the Internet

Hangzhou Net Release Time: 2023-02-02 11:10

A CCTV news client reported that on February 2, 2023, the Jiangxi province, city and county joint work team held a press conference in Qianshan County, Shangrao City to report on the investigation of the Hu Mouyu incident.

Hu Mansong, a member of the party committee and deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, and the leader of the steering group of the Provincial Public Security Department, introduced at the press conference that after the disappearance of Hu Mouyu, a small number of people faked malicious and spreading false information for eyeballs, hype, and profit making. , Splicing and concocting fake videos, causing bad effects. For example, Hu Mouyu’s panda blood is widely distributed. After testing, Hu Mouyu’s blood is type O, not the negative RH blood reported on the Internet Regarding the problem of Hu Mouyu’s body feet parallel to the ground , after the on-site investigation, Hu Mouyu’s double blood The feet are naturally drooping; the discovery place is not the first scene, and the body was hung in the trees later. After investigation and visits, on-site investigation, autopsy, examination of physical evidence and identification, etc., it is determined that Hu Mouyu hanged himself, and the place where the body was found is the first scene of Raw. Currently, the public security organs have solved and grasped more than 120 types of false information in five categories including forging false facts, making false scenes, collecting false recordings, splicing surveillance videos, and impersonating parties to events, and have addressed the problem. a small number of people who deliberately fabricated and spread rumors in accordance with the law.

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