Jiayou Music releases “The World of Two People” OST soundtrack to play urban music with

Source Title: Jiayou Music Releases “The World of Two People” OST original sound album to play urban music with music

“The World of Two People” is an urban inspirational emotional drama directed by Meng Ji and starring Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan. Based on Zhou Yifei’s novel of the same name, the play tells the story of the younger generation represented by Xu Dongyang and Li Wenjia, who traveled far from home to Shanghai to pursue their dreams and struggles. The famous music producer Wang Jiacheng led the creation of Mengjia & Jiayou Music to create a number of OSTs that are highly compatible with the plot for “The World of Two People”, adding luster to the TV series. The OST soundtrack album of “The World of Two People” has been recognized by many industry insiders and audiences whether it is in production or in singing.

With the broadcast of “The World of Two People”, the music in the play is also expected by the audience. The original sound album of the series includes the theme song “Adventure of Two People” sung by Bichen Zhang, the episode “High Building” sung by Liu Xijun, the episode “Born by You” sung by Wang Zhengliang, the episode “Ordinary Happiness” sung by Zhang Lei, and Ding Ding sings The episode “It’s Us” and the 6 songs of the episode “A New Day” sung by Wang Ka-shing, with a very warm and resonant voice, presented the audience with an audiovisual feast that hits the soul.

The theme song “Adventure of Two People” was sung by Zhang Bichen sincerely. From the opening chant to the high pitch at the end, Zhang Bichen’s mood gradually progressed with the strengthening of the arrangement. Her penetrating voice, combined with the lyrics that fit the plot, shows the fearlessness and tenacity of Li Wenjia and Xu Dongyang in the city together, which perfectly fits this song full of stories and inspiration. At the same time, to make the audience empathize with the hardships they encountered in their growth, netizens called out and were moved by Zhang Bichen’s voice, as if dawn and dreams were in front of them, and they went on adventures with them.

However, the episode “High Building” sung by Liu Xijun is very delicate. Liu Xijun’s tone is clear and her handling of the song’s emotion allows her to better interpret the connotation of the song. We are busy in the high-rise buildings of the city, and the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of life are the high-rise buildings in our hearts, but just like the wind that travels freely in the steel forest, with fearless courage in our hearts, we can get the way forward. The lyrics portray that Li Wenjia and Xu Dongyang are gradually meeting each other, knowing each other, and communicating with each other under the busy urban background. At the same time, Liu Xijun’s voice is also very good to draw the audience into the scene.

The episode “Born Because of You” invited the all-round musician Wang Zhengliang. Wang Zhengliang used his magnetic voice to interpret this slow song affectionately, singing the changes of a city in the world, showing the joys and sorrows of the people in the city. The sad and tactful melody is paired with firm and unrestrained lyrics, presenting a distinctive taste. The audience can be taken into the prosperous Shanghai city in one second while listening. Wang Zhengliang’s whispering tone can’t help but make people feel emotional, in the huge city, there are thousands of lights, but there is not a single light, which belongs to me.

The powerful male singer Zhang Lei sang the episode “Ordinary Happiness” affectionately for the TV series. The lines in the song interpret the romance and warmth of the people in the play. Zhang Lei’s voice is extremely magnetic, and his tone is warm but sad. His unique lyrical singing is like a tactful cello, which makes the audience’s heart calm down with him as soon as he opens his mouth. The unique singing method reveals the tenacity and softness of emotions, allowing the audience to enter the drama in a second, and substituting into the urban romantic love of the male and female protagonists.

In addition, the interlude “It’s Us” sang affectionately by the female voice of texture, Ding Ding, is lamenting the sorrow of love and parting. Ding Ding’s ethereal and clear voice perfectly blends with the song, conveying strong emotional tension in the conversion of lyrics and music. Ding Ding’s interpretation of the song gradually increases, and the emotional concentration increases little by little, finally showing that the time is long and the things are not human. A sense of sadness. Especially at the end of the song, Tintin’s penetrating explosion pushed the whole song’s feelings to a climax, and the whole song was sublimated. “How cruel this city is

The dim eyes are just for shelter” is to sing that it is not easy to work hard in a big city. I hope that everyone who hears this song can find their own home in the city.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Jiacheng, the music producer of “The World of Two People”, not only tailored a number of excellent OSTs for the show, but also sang the episode “A New Day” for the show. Drums and guitars run through the song, enhancing the rhythm and dynamism of the whole song. Together with Wang Jiacheng’s hearty and mature voice, this song is full of power and inspiration. Wang Jiacheng’s singing reveals the hero and heroine’s yearning and praise for a better life, and also pours out the confusion about ideals and the future on the road of hard work. This song is dedicated to people who work hard in the city. In the process of growing up and struggling, who is not thinking about giving up, but insisting on it, but after the dark night, we must believe that we can always see the dawn.

“The World of Two People” describes the story of two young people meeting, knowing, loving, separating and reuniting in the city of Shanghai from the perspective of love and dreams. The story of “The World of Two People” spans 17 years. Two ordinary characters lead the audience through a time journey. The struggle and love of the hero and heroine are all told for us. The album songs are produced and distributed by Mengjia & Jiayou Music.



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