“Jigsor, Prime Minister Soi Wiang Yong” will win the fun of “Nuea Payak Wor. Sangprapai”

Loh Ngern (Bat Commander Bang) breaks PK (Wins TKO Yodkeng Por Yutthaphum, round 3 in Rangsit) Boxing rhythm skill, kicking, punching, stabbing, stabbing, kneeling, wrestling more violent than winning Petchroong Phor Lakbun (winning points by Benz, Thai boxing bicycle in Rangsit) Strong boxing kicks, punches, punches, stabs, knees, wrestling, striking violently, always with a strong sense of humor But the rhythm is secondary to 116 years old.

One Hundred Pound Payak Arun (lost to TKO Petchwanghin, Luk Phraya Krai Phakdi, round 4 in Rangsit) rhythm boxer, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow Will be accurate, intense, smart, but sarcastic, long-winded, the second in the second place, losing Petch Rung Saeng (Somwang Kaiyang) Oh Ho Motor (losing TKO (break) Petch Pattaya Chill, Muay Thai, last round in Rangsit) Fighting fighter , walking, kicking, punching Intense fight, mentally, more intense than’ the last type, born at 124 years old.

Charoensuk Boonlanna Muay Thai, fighter, kicks, punches, punches, knees, elbows, wrestling, dog fighting, always has a lot of effort, but has to invest a lot, loses to Petchpanlaen, fighter, Muay Thai, strong boxing, kicks, punches, stabbing, stabbing, knees, wrestling Intense, exuberant, fun, turning back and forth to wash the eyes of the Vikrangsit committee again (form after Charoen Ngoen won Petchpanlaan in Rangsit) 114 years.

Nuea Phayak Wor Sangpraphai (Laem Pho Sitkhunwasan points loss in Radon) rhythm boxing skill, kicking, punching, kneeling, elbow wrestling, violent, smart, but the last force is secondary, losing to Jigsaw (Thailand Students) Prime Minister Soi Lieutenant Colonel Wiang Yong (Win TKO Anantachai S. Chokmeechai, round 3 in Rangsit) Strong boxer, kicks, punches, knees, elbows, wrestling, violent, fresh form, more intense than the last Kind of fun. 108 years.

Chai, Bie’s trainee teacher

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