Jim Harbaugh defends Super Ross donor Stephen Ross, political colds eg zealots ’

Jim Harbaugh defends Super Ross donor Stephen Ross, political colds eg zealots ’

Remember that Jim Harbaugh took the tweet earlier this month?

The Michigan football coach congratulated Stephen Ross on the announcement by the National Football Foundation that the Miami Dolphins was the billionaire owner who installed his leadership hall.

Well, Harbaugh is defending it. And Ross, Michigan's alum son and university donor.

“We were talking about Stephen Ross earlier,” said Harbaugh this week on his podcast “Attack Every Day”, with guest and former Athletics director Dave Brandon. “I mean that Stephen Ross has done so much on so many platforms. Now it's just obsolete.

“I made a very worthwhile“ Congratulations ”for being introduced into the National Football Foundation's Hero Hall and I was delighted with that, congratulating him on that.” T

Harbaugh was criticized for the timing of his tweet, which arrived on the morning of August 8, just as Ross was judging to plan money for President Donald Trump. The fundraiser took place, but not two of the New Ross, Equinox and SoulCycle companies, planned boycotta.

New Ross was the result that New Ross was so great that he encouraged him to release a statement in public, announcing himself as a “champion of racial equality, inclusion, diversity, public education and public life”. environmental sustainability. ” t

“I know Donald Trump for 40 years, and although we agree on a number of issues, I do not agree with many more and have never been serious about expressing my views,” Ross said.

Harbaugh changed, that Trump himself did not mention, praised and criticized in the past, the country's political climate.

“And I get it. We always get it all, ”Harbaugh said on the podcast. “You try to do the best work you can and make you sad … …

That's where Brandon, a self-recognized Republican and former University of Michigan – and former chairman of Domino's Pizza and CEO of Toys' Us – were also introduced into it.

“I think we live in a time when you put yourself in the highest visibility and leadership position, the people most at risk,” Brandon said. Someone will always shout. Some children will have their clothes in their basement on Twitter and they have to start some story.

“I felt bad for Steve, because he's so generous and patriotic as a man you never wanted to meet. He took a lot of sadness on this thing, which is too bad. Just too bad. ”

Since September 2017, New Ross has donated over $ 378 million to the University of Michigan, which made its fortune in the development of real estate. It remains the largest single donor for the school, which subsequently named a number of its buildings, including the recently built Stephen M. Ross Athletics Campus complex in Ann Arbor.

“Zealots,” said Harbaugh, who made donations to President Barack Obama in 2017 and was Michelle Obama's first First Lady, both Democratic, as an honorary captain of a Michigan football match. "There are parasites on either side of the aisle these days."

“Politicians do not seem to be able to satisfy anyone. Now a house can not be shared. There are zealots on both sides, no matter what. If it could be run as a football team and we all pulled together for each other, for the team, I think it would please everyone. ”

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