Jimin of BTS reveals how difficult it is to maintain a weight of 50-59 kg all the time.

Jimin’s BTS revealing the difficulty of keeping his own weight at 50-59 kg all the time

Jimin (JIMIN) Just released a solo album. FACE On the 24th of March along with the title song “Like Crazy” Jimin previously released a behind-the-scenes video from the music video shoot. “Set Me Free Pt. 2” which is a song that was pre-released on March 17th And there is also a picture that shows the preparations for a debut as a solo artist. and make a solo album this time too

Jimin’s Official MV ‘Like Crazy’

In the video, Jimin revealed that he struggled to lose weight to appear as an artist. And it was difficult for him to support his own weight. “It wasn’t easy for me to keep my weight at 50-59 kg all the time, but now I’m used to it.”

Jimin reveals the secret that keeps him from restricting his diet and exercising regularly. Until the weight loss achieved that “Every night before bed I will write down what I want to eat. Yesterday I wrote down I want to eat kalguksu (Korean Noodles), daechang (grilled intestines), and ramyeon (instant noodles) I haven’t had tteokbokki for a long time either. Kalguksu is delicious eaten with kimchi.”

Fans have been commenting on Jimin’s weight as he takes care of himself and is always disciplined. Previously, fans revealed that he weighs 58kg while his height is 174cm.

One fan said, “Jimin said himself that he likes to put himself under this kind of pressure. Because it feels light when dancing.”

Sample comments from fans

  • It’s crazy how he keeps his weight the same all the time. Although it is 10 years since debut
  • It is probably true that he can feel his own weight when he dances.
  • it looks so good
  • I have great respect for him in this regard.
  • Her figure is very good.
  • I should have lost some weight.
  • I should try to write down the food I want to eat. and not really eat like that
  • He is very professional with his work.


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