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Jin A-Rim “Bentley election”… Luxury car purchase certification

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(Source = Jin Ah Lim Instagram)

Actor Jin Ah-rim certified the purchase of a luxury car.

Jin Ah-rim recently revealed on her Instagram that she was posing in the car with a post saying, “I picked Bentley,” and “Please take care of me in the future”.

Jin Arim was named as the winner of the 2012 Miss Maxim contest in July, and in the same year, she entered the entertainment industry by appearing in FashionN’s’Selfless Research Institute’. On his Instagram, he wrote an introduction saying, “Actor Jin Ah-rim, a broadcast celebrity.”

Afterwards, she appeared in the musical’We Make Love Season 3’and the movie’Under the Sky Without Mother’.

In addition, it has won the Gold Prize at the 2019 International Ad Fitting Model Superstar Contest, the 2019 Korea National Awards, and the 2017 Korea Culture and Arts Awards, the Broadcasting Celebrity Award.


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