Jin Chi joins Li Zongsheng’s musical performance for the third time in Changsha Station

Original title: Jin Chi joined Li Zongsheng’s musical performance for the third time in Changsha Station

Yesterday, Li Zongsheng’s musical “When Love Is a Past” completed the three-day continuous performance at Changsha Station. The singer Jin Chi, who played the singer’s queen “Cai Lili” in the play, also officially announced his personal debut for this year’s musical 3.0 tour. The performance ended successfully. At the end of the performance, the audience’s long-lasting applause and the chorus of “True Hero” made the actors on the stage feel everyone’s love for the show. It is reported that this year is the third year of the tour of the musical “When Love Is Past”, and it is also the third year that Jin Chi participated in the performance. On the same stage, Wang Zhengliang, Wang Kai, Huang Enru and many other actors performed classics once again.

The musical “When Love is a Past” adopts the American Broadway classic “Jukebox Musical” mode, from a new perspective, through Li Zongsheng’s many classic musical works to connect the entire musical works, presenting a unique love and harmony to the audience For the parting story, Jin Chi said, “I hope everyone can walk into the theater together and experience a life journey that cannot be loved by love.”

In “When Love Is Past”, Cai Lili, played by Jin Chi, is a super music star on stage, which has many connections with her own singer status. Known by everyone on the stage of good voice, she has released several albums one after another and released many hit singles in 2020, “Who Isn’t”, “I’ve Been With You Through Hardship”, “You Are You”, sang “Three Dozens of popular osts such as “Only Ten”, “Meeting Happiness” and “Little Joy”. This year, she even appeared on Hunan Satellite TV’s music variety show “Who is the Treasure Singer” and received a lot of praise on the Internet. The performance of the musical “When Love” is also another demonstration of Jinchi’s musical ability after “Treasure Singer”.

The identity of a singer allows her to express her music more smoothly, but in musicals, singing and acting are indispensable, and the expression of physical emotions on the stage is also extremely important. From the first time I stood on this stage, I was nervous and uneasy, and now I can present my understanding of the characters to the audience in a performance way. It is inseparable from every rehearsal after the stage, and repeated communication with the director team on the details until the adjustment is reached. Good performance. “When there is no time or performance teacher to lead you into this role, you can only rely on your own stupid methods. I think the stupid bird will fly first and do more homework. Practice again and again, and watch your own practice videos again and again.” Recalling the first time I rehearsed myself, Jin Chi said. Repeated rehearsals and performances have also allowed her to gradually integrate into the role of Cai Lili. “Slowly and slowly start to get closer and closer to the role of Cai Lili, and I can feel more and more how her inner struggle is. “A state of “, find the common ground between herself and the character, and more naturally show Cai Lili to the audience the rich role of the little girls in life on the stage, and the affirmation from the audience also makes her feel positive. Every time the stage maintains a deeper awe and expectation.

The first stop of this Jinchi Musical 3.0 tour was the Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center Grand Theater on the edge of Yuelu Mountain. Although it has been playing this role for the third year, Jin Chi still maintains awe of the stage, devoted himself to every rehearsal, and constantly communicated with the director to improve the details of the performance.

In 3.0 Jin Chi’s interpretation of the role of “Cai Lili”, he more thoroughly devoted himself to the time and space of people and things in front of him. From the inside out, he experienced Cai Lili’s emotional anger and anger when facing the male protagonist Han Jiang. sad. In the transcript of “When love is a thing of the past”, Cai Lili found that his relationship with the male protagonist was broken. He has developed feelings for her. The lovers who had been in love for ten years parted ways at this moment. The nostalgia for the good memories of the past, the powerlessness that can no longer be restored, and the momentary love for the former lover, Cai Lili’s various feelings are intertwined. In this interpretation of Jin Chi, all of the above are fully displayed in the singing. And after jumping out of the play, Jin Chi, an outsider, deeply felt heartache and worthless for Cai Lili. The moment he touched the stage, tears fell on the stage. This moment is Cai Lili’s love and hatred for Hanjiang, and it is also Jin Chi’s love for Cai Lili. With sympathy and distress, the audience who received this emotion under the stage couldn’t help but shed tears while watching. Jin Chi, who returned to the background, shared the emotional touch with everyone, “The closer she gets closer, the more I feel sorry for her… I want to say to her: Just turn around and leave… you are so good, you will definitely be more worthy of love. People show up.”

The musical “When Love” has been upgraded to 3.0 this year, and the role of Cai Lili played by Jin Chi also has a more delicate emotional transformation and stage performance. Audiences who have not been there or have not been able to enjoy themselves a few days ago can follow Jin Chi’s next musical performance “When Love Is a Past”, on December 16, 17, and 18. See. Return to Sohu to see more



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