Jinan and other cities have implemented a new design of “transfer with home loan” for 2nd-hand homes: there is no want to repay the loan in progress, and the previous financial loan can be repaid with a new bank loan | Daily Economic Information

For the previous 16 years, Wen Qian, who has been doing the job as a authentic estate agency in Lixia District, Jinan Town, has to wait around just about just about every time for clientele to request kinfolk and friends to elevate money, or to raise bridge cash. . business to launch the true estate certification right before it can provide its title.’s authentic estate.

Currently, this predicament will change.

On the morning of August 17, the Jinan Municipal Social gathering Committee and Municipal Govt held a push meeting announcing the groundbreaking start of the next-hand housing “transfer with home loan” registration product. For house loan qualities that are to be stated for investing, the transfer can be accomplished with out initially returning the unique home finance loan Home loan, providing new loans. “Transfer with home finance loan” has been properly piloted in numerous financial institutions such as ICBC, China Building Financial institution and Bank of Beijing, and will be entirely applied in the city’s next-hand housing market.

Du Jiangang, Secretary of the Get together Committee and Director of the Jinan Real Estate Registration Middle, reported at the press conference that this sort of a stage has drastically reduced transaction fees and can comprehensively fix transaction risks.

The reporter “Day-to-day Economic Information” found that considering that the commencing of this 12 months, several metropolitan areas in China have attempted next-hand properties “transfer with mortgage loan” enterprise. In addition to Jinan, Qingdao in Shandong, Zhuhai in Guangdong , Kunming in Yunnan, Wuxi in Jiangsu, Jinhua in Zhejiang and so on. Jinan’s innovation is that, jointly with the Place of work of Natural Means and Preparing, the Housing Provident Fund Centre, banking companies, and a notary, and other departments, the notary’s “withdrawal account” is released, in purchase to velocity up’ r re-. manual housing transaction method, to “repay outdated financial loans with new financial loans” The implementation of the new approach of “transfer with house loan” supplies plan assures.

Source: Jinan micro formal release

Shortening the second-hand housing transaction method

Wen Qian will work in a large domestic real estate brokerage enterprise with a shop in Lixia District, Jinan City. On August 17, he offered to reporters by mobile phone that in the earlier few several years, when advertising next-hand houses in Jinan, property owners have to practical experience the “hassle” of both accumulating cash to fork out bank financial loans or borrowing from money providers.

“The release money are not a little amount of money. The bridge money introduced by the funding business will cost interest to the owner in accordance to the range of months. “Wen Qian reported that the funding agency cooperating with his company has bank loan fascination level as higher as 2.5% and borrow 1 million yuan. Yuan, the monthly managing price is about 25,000 yuan, “and in the scenario that the financial institution has productively issued the authentic estate certificate.”

Though after the formal implementation of the Civil Code, according to Write-up 406, “for the duration of the mortgage loan time period, the mortgagor might transfer the mortgaged property”, in several metropolitan areas, in buy to safeguard the legal rights of the creditor, when making use of for next-hand residences. personal loan, the financial institution agreed to obtain a dwelling Men and women are not authorized to consider a home finance loan transfer.

In accordance to Du Jiangang, Jinan’s introduction of “transfer with mortgage” for next-hand homes means transferring possession with a property finance loan and supplying a house loan launch on the past connection. This modification delivers added benefits in two elements.

On the 1 hand, the common product necessitates the home finance loan to be unveiled just before the house can be transferred, and the home finance loan have to be repaid if the house loan is released. If the purchaser wants a mortgage to buy a home, he have to go as a result of the transfer and home finance loan initial just before the bank can launch the bank loan. In this scenario, it is extremely hard for the seller to repay the mortgage with the buyer’s income, so he has to raise bridging cash, so there are a lot of excess expenditures. The “transfer with home finance loan” model makes use of the buyer’s financial institution loan to repay the seller’s financial institution loan with out boosting bridging resources and lessening transaction prices.

Source: Jinan micro official release

At the very same time, below the conventional procedure, there are many contacts and a very long time After there is an economic dispute involving the customer and the vendor, the court docket seals the house, which will have an adverse impact on the full transaction. The new design is that the purchaser does not need to release the home loan initially, and the customer can get the home by depositing the property payment into the deposit account. If there is a difficulty with the transfer, the home payment can be returned in the exact same way, which protects the passions of equally events to the highest and minimizes dangers. After utilizing the new process, buyers and sellers do not require to run messages, and the processing time is decreased from the primary 10 days to 1-3 doing the job times.

The introduction of notarized “withdrawal accounts” is 1 of the essential innovations in Jinan. Feng Peiming, Secretary and Director of the Occasion Branch of Qilu Notary Community Office environment, claimed at the press meeting that the Notary Community Workplace is a deposit institution decided by legislation, and the deposit and withdrawal are allowed divided into a compensation deposit and a guarantee deposit. The customer and vendor will simultaneously sign the deposit agreement and the ability of attorney when signing the profits contract The purchaser will deposit the down payment and the buyer’s lender loan into the notary’s business office deposit account .Soon after completing the true estate transfer registration, the notary office will deposit the above money to the seller’s bank. The account will be used to repay the seller’s fantastic mortgage, and the rest will be credited to the seller’s particular account.

Many cities have taken action

In truth, Jinan is not the “initially to eat crabs” for the “transfer with house loan” measures in second-hand housing transactions.

In accordance to the formal information and facts platform of the Zhuhai Municipal Place of work of the Guangdong Provincial Govt Office, in February this 12 months, the Zhuhai True Estate Center launched a new 5-in-one design of “transfer with home finance loan” for 2nd-hand housing transactions, making it possible for home buyers to “just go to the bank” to Full the “five issues” of redemption, home loan launch, assets transfer, financial loan and home finance loan.

Indication a a few-occasion fund supervision settlement by the buyer, vendor and lender, which states that immediately after the initially registration of the seller’s personal loan bank home loan ideal is finished, the household payment will be transferred right from the fund’s custodial account to the seller’s loan compensation account, and the remaining resources will be transferred to the seller’s personalized financial institution account. Having a property well worth 10 million yuan as an instance, primarily based on 70% of the bank loan quantity and the original 1 thirty day period financial loan interval, the seller can immediately conserve 150,000-200,000 yuan in funding costs for “foreclosures”.

In June this year, the initial next-hand housing “transfer with property finance loan” mortgage mortgage company was introduced in Jinhua Metropolis, Zhejiang Province in Jinhua Financial institution Municipal Branch, realizing the “three-in-one particular” processing of second-hand home transfer registration, home finance loan cancellation registration, and home finance loan re-registration. Jiangyin Town Authentic Estate Registration Centre under the jurisdiction of Wuxi Town, Jiangsu Province has also finished the first mortgage transfer business of person inventory houses in Wuxi, noticing the “a few-in-1” processing of inventory home sale transfer registration, modify registration home loan, and initially property finance loan registration.

It is comprehended that the Jiangyin Town Real Estate Registration Heart, together with the Jiangyin Town Housing and City-Rural Enhancement Bureau, Wuxi City Housing and House Financing Ensure Co., Ltd. and other departments, have introduced the “Anjubao” livelihood undertaking to aid 2nd-hand housing transactions and endorsing an lively investing industry.

Zhang Chunguang, senior lawyer of AllBright Law Firm, stated in a penned interview with a reporter from “Every day Financial News” on the afternoon of August 17 that residences can be transferred with home loans, which is a significant “innovation” of the “Civil Code”, which is the ” Civil Code” It is recognized that the property finance loan correct has retroactive power, which is the most crucial distinction concerning the Civil Code and the earlier laws and judicial interpretations on the transfer of mortgages. On the foundation of guarding the mortgagee, the liquidity of the mortgaged home is elevated.

Having said that, Zhang Chunguang also pointed out that “transfer with mortgage” suggests that the mortgagee stays unchanged, the mortgaged assets continues to be unchanged, and the ownership variations on this basis. The authorized possibility that a home seller requirements to pay out focus to is that he is no lengthier the operator of the household, but is however a debtor, and the bank’s money will have to be repaid by himself. If the residence has specific situations that set off an early repayment (these as the new dwelling consumer failing to renovate in accordance with the pertinent laws, leading to the collapse of the dwelling, and many others.), the vendor will experience r the risk that the mortgage will conclude early. .

The customer of the property desires to pay interest, if the vendor fails to repay the financial loan as agreed, the lender will take legal techniques to auction the dwelling, and the buyer’s ownership cannot be opposed to a house loan the bank. As a consequence, the home seller faces the legal chance of the property being judicially auctioned, losing possession and getting evicted from the dwelling.

The 2nd hand housing current market is sluggish

Guiding the push for “transfer with mortgage loan” actions for 2nd-hand residences is the reality that 2nd-hand dwelling transactions have been gradual for a lengthy time.

According to info from the China Index Analysis Institute, the common selling price of second-hand residences in 100 towns throughout the place was 16,012 yuan for every sq. meter in July this calendar year, down .09% thirty day period-on-month and .07 proportion points larger than very last month. June up .35% yr on year, .52 proportion details lessen than in June percentage issue. A complete of 69 towns observed a thirty day period-on-month fall in second-hand residence selling prices, an raise of 11 from June.

Information source: Center Finger Analysis Institute

Knowledge from the Shell Investigate Institute also confirmed that the second-hand housing local climate index of Shell 50 cities in July fell by 1 when compared to June, indicating that owner expectations are however weak.

In accordance to the newest 70-city housing rate index launched by the Nationwide Bureau of Data, the price tag of next-hand housing in Jinan, Shandong fell .2% month-on-month and 3.% yr-on-12 months in July. Due to the fact September final year, in July this year, the value of second-hand houses in Jinan has fallen for 11 consecutive many years. In July, next-hand property price ranges in Qingdao rose .3% thirty day period-on-month, down 1.6% 12 months-on-year Yantai rose .9% thirty day period-on-thirty day period, down 2.5% calendar year-on-year.

With regards to Jinan’s introduction of the “deposit transfer” measure for second-hand homes, Yan Yuejin, analysis director of the Consider Tank Middle of the E-Dwelling Research Institute, pointed out to the “Day-to-day Financial Information” reporter by using WeChat on Monday afternoon. August 17, “From the existing countrywide towns, some cities ‘The plan is however a little at the rear of, it stays in the method of purchasing and marketing registration at the identical time, and the authentic difficulty , that is, how to make the seller shell out the loan without the need of increasing income, it has not truly been solved. This time Jinan appears to be a next-hand house transaction transfer and The registration plan is in is in fact a coverage to speed up the circulation and transaction of next-hand housing, which reflects the policy innovation of decreasing the cost of next-hand housing transactions and putting 2nd-hand housing into operation.”

(At the ask for of the interviewee, Wen Zhongqian is a pseudonym)

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