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Jinhee Lim, first win in BC Card and Hankyung Ladies Cup.. 4 years of obscurity

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Im Jin-hee. Photo = Courtesy of KLPGA

‘The goddess of victory sided with Im Jin-hee.’

Im Jin-hee of ‘4th year unknown’ rose to ‘Cindelera’ at once by winning the first championship in her career at the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour BC Card and Hankyung Ladies Cup (total prize of 700 million won).

On the last day of the tournament held at Pocheon Hills Country Club (par 72) in Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, on the 27th, Jinhee Lim made a 6-under 66 shot by tying 7 birdies and 1 bogey to win the championship by one stroke from the 2nd place group. Final total of 10 under par 278.

Jin-hee Lim, who started the 4th round with the lead group 5 strokes behind the 3rd round, finished the game alone by 4 holes ahead of the last two groups, but the 2nd group of 5 including Park Hyun-kyung pressed by one stroke to come back or overtime. This was expected.

However, Park Hyun-kyung, Jang Ha-na, Lee Jung-min, Jung Yoon-ji, Kim Sae-ro-mi, etc., could not get a birdie on the 17th and 18th holes, where they could reduce the number of strokes, and Jinhee Lim’s victory was confirmed.

Im Jin-hee, who jumped on the tour in 2018, but has not shown any remarkable results, said in an interview immediately after the match, “I did not expect to win at all,” and “It doesn’t feel real.” Then, he said, “I was always thankful to my parents, and I lived with a sorry heart.”

Following Lim Jin-hee, seven people including Park Hyun-kyung, Jang Hana, Kim Sae-ro-mi, Jung Yun-ji, Lee Jung-min, Sung Yu-jin, and Kim Su-ji tied for second with a final total of 9-under 279.

Park Hyun-kyung remained runner-up in three consecutive tournaments, leaving a big disappointment. In particular, in a fierce competition with Park Min-ji, he missed the championship by mistake on the last tee shot, and in this tournament, the second shot on the last hole fell on the bunker chin in front of the green and failed to turn the game over.

Kim Ji-young, who was aiming for the 2nd consecutive championship as the defending champion, competed for the lead until the 3rd round, but lost 3 strokes on the last day and finished the competition in a tie for 19th with a final total of 5 under par 283.

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