Jinkyung is a cute little girl who flows from head to toe, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

‘MonTueWedThuFriSat’ (Image = Broadcast screen capture)

Actor Jin-Kyung has completely transformed into ‘God-Byeok Chado-nyeo’.

In the Wednesday-Thursday TV drama ‘Mon-Wed, Geum-Tue, Mok-Sat’, which first aired on the 21st, Jinkyung impressed a unique presence as Madame Yoo, who made the marriage master contract Choi Sang-eun (Park ). Min-young) the most perfect bride.

In the drama, Madam Yoo was raised as the best bride from the upper class, who knows nothing about Sang-eun. Seeing Sang-eun’s messy dressing table and her face while playing with makeup, Madam Yoo said, “There are many people who can help me decorate. But the girl’s job is to remove the vulgarity. You know?”

Jinkyung brought Madam Yoo’s character traits to life, ‘bye-bye’ above perfection that teaches perfection. From head to toe, he played an active role as a ‘new maker’ who added liveliness to the play by incorporating character details that somehow exude a snobbish and snobbish atmosphere while maintaining a dignified attitude with a glamorous visual and light o’ to end to the feet.

On the other hand, the marriage between Sang-eun and Kang-jin, which Madame Yu has worked hard for for 13 years, is falling apart, and with the skills she learned from Madam Yu, Sang -eun has become a successful contract marriage master. , but now what kind of interesting essay is contained in the relationship between those who are cold and fall into decline in situations that aroused the curiosity of the viewers.

The new character and activity that Jinkyung, the famous ‘Shin Maker’, who raises the perfection of the scene with high-quality interior acting and catches the eye, is considered one of the points to watched in ‘Wolsu, Geumhwamokto’.

‘Monsu-Geum-Hwa-Mok-Sat’ is a loveable romance that develops between Choi Sang-eun, a contract marriage master for the perfect unmarried, long-term customers of the Mon-Wu-Geum mystery, and a new. customers from Hwa-Mok-Sat superstars. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30pm on tvN.
By Shin Ji-won, staff reporter for Tenasia avocato@tenasia.co.kr

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