‘Jitta’ makes it clear that it is time to enter world stocks, deciding in 2023 that investment opportunities are diversifying in many markets

Trawut Luangsomboon CEO of an asset management company (AMC) Chitta Wealth Co, Ltd reveals that the global economy this year has a variety of factors that are putting pressure on the investment market. making asset prices a global downturn led byUS stock market Since the beginning of the year to November 30, 2022, the S&P500 index has fallen 14.39%, while China’s CSI300 index has fallen 22.01%.

A fall in asset prices around the world has worried investors. Until he did not dare to continue investing or wait for the market to drop to the lowest first to hope to find a rhythm The best place to invest Some decided to sell their shares because they were afraid that the price would go to down even more. which can cause the situation It is even worse. And causes investors to have increased costs, so recommend that the best investment There is no need to wait for the best moment. Because we will never guess correctly. that the lowest point is always Therefore, the ‘best time’ to invest is to ‘stop waiting’.

“The global downturn in the stock market this year has left investors hesitant. and looking for the best investment rhythm But did you know that every minute that goes by We deal with opportunity cost. On the other hand, if the faster you invest Money has the opportunity to grow more profit. for a prosperous life in the future So, it’s a good time to ‘stop waiting’ because next year’s opportunity has arrived. from today onwards

Trawut said that the next yearThe global economy will have investment opportunities. Interesting that investors should not ignore. By the beginning of the yearUS Federal Reserve (Fed)delays the increase in the interest rate After a sharp fall this year Until the market expects, in 2023, that the policy interest rate will be 5.00-5.25%, which is a high level and can affect the economy of the US.

In addition, the United States There is still pressure on the recession (Recession), the stock market next year may not be very obvious. But there are some stocks that can Fight inflation and recession such as health care stocks or mega-trend stocks like the technology group, which has fallen significantly this year. From the beginning of the year to the end of November 2013, the Nasdaq index has fallen -26.70%, making it an ideal opportunity to invest in future megatrends.

cross over to Asian countries You will see an important timeline such as the relaxation of ZERO COVID measures by opening the country of China. to be an important support for the global economy to recover as a whole Is expected to see the opening of the city in the second quarter of 2023, if this happens, the Chinese stock market, which has fallen more than -22.01% this year, comes back to prominence again. and it will also send merit to the stock market around the world to be able to improve as well So, investors should start accumulating Chinese stocks today. in order not to miss a great investment opportunity

As for the Japanese stock market and the Thai stock market, which is about to recover after the country opened up this year. It will be boosted by an increase in the tourism sector next year. In addition, Thailand itself will have an issue regarding the election held in 2023, which will help boost domestic purchasing power to recover. Since every choice There is sure to be a lot of money coming into the system. has a positive impact on the Thai stock market Let’s get back to the hustle and bustle again. The Thai and Japanese stock markets are considered stable investment sources. Suitable to bring balance to the investment portfolio.

He looked tooVietnam stock marketIt is another market that investors should not miss. With the share price falling from the beginning of the year to November 30, 2022, it has already fallen -30.03%, making the P/E Ratio 10.8, considered a relatively cheap price. Consider the need for investment to relocate the production base. with low wages and a large population of young people it will make Vietnam charming and be a star in the long run

“It can be seen that there will be various investment opportunities in every period from 2023. living across the world If in the past we waste time waiting That is as if we are missing out. Opportunity for money to grow