JJ explains the relationship, Daning admits to behaving badly Still don’t quit

JJ explains the relationship, Daning admits to behaving badly Still don’t quit

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JJ explains the relationship / Previously, it became a hot topic in the online world. When netizens noticed Daneng-Kanyawi, two cities delete couple photos JJ-Kritsanapoom Phibunsongkhram Until many people wondered what happened to the relationship between the two. Or are you having problems? To the point of quitting?

JJ explains the relationship

Latest date 29 Nov ’64 JJ joined SMOOTH E to celebrate the 29th anniversary of SMOOTH E 29th Anniversary presents “TOP FANS 2021 BABY FACE CLUB THAILAND” At the meeting room, 12th floor, Smooth Life Tower, Sathorn

Before starting the event, he opened his heart to the media about such issues. that love is still good or not JJ revealed, “There is nothing about Daneng deleting the photos. It’s like arguing and being a little confused. Not to the point Oh! Let’s break up. Let’s talk about me being a little bad. (that is, what happened that day) I just found out that day but that means that at the time he deleted the picture It’s been a long time Means the day that we know that we are still normal That day, we were still confused about what had happened.”

Just found out on the day the news posted that the photo was deleted? “Yes, starting to see it on Twitter. (Do you want to talk when you sleep?) Actually, I didn’t notice that either. Even when the news came out, we were fine. We’re normal, so there’s a bit of confusion.”

Already cleared? “Cleared, nothing. (Deleted or hidden?) I’m not sure, I didn’t ask. Because let’s skip this issue. I was confused when the news came out. And then solved the problem by taking pictures. that we still have nothing.”

JJ explains the relationship

When it was difficult to clear, was he sulking? “It’s not difficult. I think it’s normal. I believe that every relationship has problems. No relationship is one hundred percent smooth.”

When did you catch symptoms that he was sleepy? “It’s not even detectable when lying. But I thought it was a misunderstanding. (The other rounds didn’t delete the picture?) I’m not sure Maybe it was the mood at the time? And during this time, different people work differently. The project is being prepared. so rarely meet I’m stressed about work too.”

After the news that they broke up The fans were shocked? When I saw it, I had the feeling of telling myself that I won’t quit (Did you tell him that he won’t quit?) I didn’t tell him, but I meant that it was me. is to feel that no matter what happens I feel like I want to clear up my feelings with him. I don’t want to even break up. Honestly, we’ve been together since childhood. Then I felt that both Daneng and I were both grown adults. About the future, we try to do our best, just at the moment we don’t know what will happen. We just make it the best If any of us made a mistake, we apologize. They’ve adjusted their understanding.”

If the future makes him sullen again, what will you do? “As I said, it’s not always smooth. (This one person, of course?) I want it to be like that, I don’t know (laughs).”

This time is the hardest, right? “Actually, it’s not the first time. with me being me I felt that I always told my brothers that I’m not that good at all. I also have a problem that I need to solve on my own.”

JJ explains the relationship

Can you talk if there is a problem? We need to talk directly, right? “Yes, because we will always tell each other that if there is any problem We’ll clear things up, talk to each other, but there will be times when the mood swings, or in that situation, maybe we can’t talk right away.”

Do men take out the senses? That women are sleepy? “Ah, to be honest, I don’t know. Well, this is one of my disadvantages. I haven’t noticed. I would not know that at this moment he felt bad. Or I made a mistake and didn’t even know it. pass by He would come and talk to me if he knew what was wrong. What did you do to make him feel bad? When I know, I’ll apologize. And tell me the reason why I do this is because of how I feel. If I made you feel bad, I apologize.”

Still, wouldn’t want to give up on this person? “Anyway, I will do my best to give my support (laughs).”

Have Brother Kong (Hive Salon) fix the news for you, or does he do it himself? “Also, at that time we were together. and eat together And I didn’t want it to go this far. At that time, he was still sitting next to me. we talk normally So I don’t want to think too far. Better hurry up and finish it.”

JJ explains the relationship

After clearing Do you feel the same? “It’s the same, it’s the same. (Did you tell me that you like this? Don’t like this?) Actually, it keeps coming. This is not about Daneng, I think (smiles).”

Fans don’t want to break up? “I can see. Thank you very much. Thank you to everyone who follows me and Daneng. and like in our couple If you ask about it in the future, I probably won’t be able to answer. If anything happened, everyone would feel sorry. But the future is something we cannot determine. I don’t know what will happen. I will do my best.”

May I ask about ending your role as an artist in Nadao Music? “Well, to be honest, I’m very happy to be with Na Dao Music. And in the past, Na Dao Music has always given me the opportunity to make my own solo ep, have a unit, J Ice, have been to many shows, but I feel like I want to try to grow up. to study more music genres What do you try to do yourself? Will we be able to do it? So I have to try to move myself to grow up. We better take a break from Nadao Music first.”

Na Dao is full of pressure, right? “He made me do my best and every team in Na Dao Music Support was very good. But I myself choose to go out by myself. With now the system of Na Dao Music As said, he was well taken care of. And then he has a support team in every aspect. Sometimes I feel that in the past it was not 100 percent from us.”

Is it a pity that J-Ice is already in the market? “Honestly, one day, there must be a point where we have to separate. That means we have to grow up, whether it’s me or Ice.”

Is the relationship still the same? “As usual. My current status is just not in Na Dao Music anymore. But when I meet my brothers I still went to consult him.”

How will the music work continue? Is there a trend to do with golf? “I already have a plan. You should know soon. Between me and P’ Golf are brothers and sisters. And P’ Golf is always supporting. But in my plans for the future That is, I want to wait for confirmation first. Then I’ll come and tell you.”

Will it be a rapper with your favorite style? “Wait and wait to follow. As for me and Na Dao Music, we don’t have anything. There will definitely be a project that we can do together.”

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