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Jay Mart Public Company Limited (JMART) group executives insist on a continuous growth target of 50% per year, pushing the market cap to reach 500 billion baht in 2024, ready to continue investing to expand the business by drawing technology to support leapfrog growth. Next week there will be more good news. As in the case of VGI Plc (VGI) gradually sold some of its shares for some reason. Although the price of JMART has been continuously down since November 16, 2022 until it touched 40 baht on November 22, it is believed that BTS Group Holdings Plc (BTS) has still continued to invest more with the JMART group.

Mr. Adisak Sukhumvitya, CEO of JMART, revealed that the JMART group continues to focus on growing businesses listed in the stock exchange 4 companies, namely JMART, JMT Network Services Plc (JMT), SI Plc. INGER Thailand (AINGER) JAS Asset Plc (J) and also SG Capital Plc (SGC) is the fifth company listed on the stock market in March this December.

There are also 15 other companies out of the market with potential growth. Recently invested in Suki Tee Noi (in BNN Restaurant Group Co., Ltd. (BNN)) 30% worth 1.2 billion baht, with the goal of JMART group never changing. And believe that this year will grow 50% and in 2013-2014 will still grow 50% per year, while the market capitalization (market cap) with the aim of reaching 500 billion baht in 2024 from 200 billion baht at this time

“We have not stopped what else to invest. What new things will we do? Next week we will have news. Now it is not time to announce, but the company we are investing in must come to Synergy in the group and it must grow exponentially. which will have to rely on technology to make a difference and go fast So far, 3Q22 was our best quarter, but 4Q22 is sure to be the highest quarter of the year,” said Adisak.

However, JMART’s share price in the market is a stock price mechanism. But the JMART group’s point of view is still focused on doing business that grows sustainably. The 50% growth is not S-Curve growth, but J-Curve is intended.

Mr Adisak mentioned that if VGI were to gradually sell JMART shares, there would be pressure to join the Synergy together or not, stating that VGI would not be able to pay back, but VGI had reasons and their right .

Ready to give an example that the BTS group invested in SINGER 8% at an average price of 14 baht. When the price went up, it was sold in 16-17, but after 4-5 years, SINGER was able turn around Made an all-time high performance and tending to grow more, then U City (U) Public Company Limited, a company in the BTS group, came to buy shares to increase capital at a price of 36 baht, holding a 24% stake good. It’s a good Buy at any price, so maybe the story of VGI selling out shares is a similar story.

“I am confident that all JMART Group companies will have a good performance. Focus on performance, as for stock price, I can’t decide. But what can be determined is that each company has a good performance to reach the target. We believe that in the end, the answer to all questions is the results of implementation,” said Mr Adisak.

JMT is confident that debt purchases for the portfolio exceed the target of 20 billion baht.. 2023, go ahead and buy 30 billion baht.

Mr Piya Pong-acha, chairman of the Executive Board of JMT, said that in the fourth quarter of 2022, the company expects to buy more debt into the portfolio than the target or about 20 billion baht of the target of 1-1.5 billion baht. There is momentum from retail customer spending and in 2023, the company aims to buy debt to the portfolio of 30 billion baht, including cooperation with Kasikorn Bank to manage bad debts. A joint venture company (JK AMC) is expected to be established by the end of this year, the portfolio will increase by 60 billion baht and next year it is expected to reach 100 billion baht * SINGER continues to grow even if SGC enter the stock market.

Mr Kittipong Kanokvilairat, President of SINGER, said that SINGER is still going strong after spinning off SGC’s shares to the stock market, but the company is growing. Although the operating results will be diluted by 25% in the consolidated budget, but in terms of revenue share, SENGER received 50-60%, making the smaller dilution offset by the growth rate that SGC expects to achieve in 2023. No less than 50 % and set a goal of port growth After raising money from the IPO, SENGER will have money to expand the business. In addition, the company reduced its debenture debt this year by 1.8%. billion baht to 4 billion baht, reducing the interest burden. make the company more profitable

In addition, SENGER also operates a business that sells products under its own brand. with continued revenue growth Including having the opportunity to expand the customer base with the Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited (BRR) group, where JMART invests in SINGER plans to open a branch in Buriram and sell installment products to sugarcane farmers as well .Suki Tee Noi store goes to all branches.

Suphot Sirikulpat Mr. Chief Executive Officer JAS Asset Plc. (J) That said, in 2022, the company still expects net profit to grow at least 30% from the previous year, 164 million baht, and in 2023, it is expected to grow at least 50%, coming from managing areas sell that has been. realize for a full year this year around 70,000 square meters and next year the sales area will be more than 100,000 square meters, with the opening of 2 new centers in Bang Bua Thong and Ramkhamhaeng in the third quarter and the fourth quarter, in respectively, 20 pieces of land in the Prawet area planning a new project in 2024. The company’s aim is to open at least 2 new centers or community centers a year.

The company received a capital increase this year, making the company’s financial position strong. The debt-to-equity (D/E) ratio has fallen to 0.6 times, giving the company more capacity to expand.

In addition, from the deal to buy the Tee Noi Suki business, a business model was created that would bring the Tee Noi Suki restaurant to the new centre. It will make opening a new center easier, reducing risks Synergy in the JMART group has businesses J Mobile, Singer, IT Saction. In total, it will take no less than 2,500-3,000 square meters of space, not counting other partners outside ■ Groups like Starbucks, KFC, etc. are expanding to every state. and more big cities He has set a goal in 5 years to open 50 more locations which will increase the sales area from 100,000 square meters to 500,000 square meters.

As for Jay Mart Mobile Co., Ltd., it expects sales in the fourth quarter of 2022 to be the highest sales of the year. And more than the same quarter the previous year as the iPhone 14 launched faster. But you can see that the iPhone 14 has a shortage of supply. The company has stocked iPhone products before the iPhone 14 model. It has also entered the credit business on smartphones, which has led to higher margins. In addition, near the New Year festival The company sees signs of an increase in sales of gadget products, The fourth quarter will focus on these products, including IT products. electrical appliances, smart TVs, refrigerators, and also open independent branches because they want a bigger sales area and also get synergy with companies in the group that will increase sales like SENGER, IT Junction.

By InfoQuest News Agency (24 Nov ’22)

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