JMART-J Ventures joins TIS Inc. to launch FinTech to expand financial technology. >> Jay Mart announced plans to invest in Japanese IT giant TIS Inc. Acquired stakes in Jay Ventures, a subsidiary of Jay Mart. Emphasize being a leader in Tech Company extending Digitization Transformation. Transforming financial services And retail in the fintech era over domestic competitors

Mr. Adisak Sukhumvit Ya, Chief Executive Officer of Jay Mart (JMART), as a holding company with an investment holding company (IHC) strategy, revealed a picture of the transformation of the fintech industry in Thailand. J Ventures Co., Ltd. or JVC, a subsidiary of Jay Mart with an 80% stake, has been attracted by TIS Inc., a global IT company from Japan that specializes in developing IT solutions. (IT Solution Provider) for global private enterprise customers. Both in the financial industry, production, service, as well as government organizations. Therefore, joining this investment Will give Jay Mart a handicap over competitors in Thailand

For this joint venture plan This reflects the confidence of foreign investors in the Jay Mart group. Make the J Ventures Valuation 1,100 million or 11 times the investment of Jay Mart. Emphasizes being a strong Tech Company and the distant future.

Mr. Thanawat Lertwattanarak JVC Chief Executive Officer, as Tech Company in Jay Mart Group, revealed this success that Jay Mart is a Thai company with a variety of retail distribution channels, information status and Digitization arrangements. Transformation For a while Himself as the driving force in business technology More retail and finance among Very confident that This partnership with TIS Inc will accelerate a full-fledged retail and financial ecosystem. To be on par with foreign companies

Mr. Adisak concluded. To the digital industry today Japan is also considered a world leader. It is one of the five IT Solution Providers in Japan with high financial stability. Looking back at TIS Inc., TIS has invested in Grab with an investment of $ 150 million. To further develop Application for GrabPay and this is once again TIS Inc. has invested in Jaymart Group, including Digitization, adopting Blockchain technology from analog to digital world. Tangibly And clearest How will the financial games in the fintech era change? I want everyone to continue to follow. Which we are sure that There will be many more stories to be announced this year.

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