Jo Boa, commented on’Joo-Joo’ to Eugene of’Penthouse’ “My sister was the best, awesome” – SPOTVNEWS

▲ Kim So-yeon (left) and Eugene. SourceㅣYujin Instagram

[스포티비뉴스=강효진 기자] Actor Jo Boa makes a laugh by revealing her passion for’Penthouse’ Eugene.

On the 6th, Yujin posted on her Instagram on the 6th, “We shouldn’t be close like this.’Penthouse’ Cheon Seo-jin and Oh Yun-hee are overly immersed in the roles,” and “This time, we shared the trophy well. I left a post.

In the photo released together, the image of Yujin posing affectionately with Kim So-yeon, who took the role of Cheon Seo-jin at the SBS ‘2020 Drama Awards’ aired on December 31 last year. At the awards ceremony on this day, Ji-ah Lee, So-yeon Kim, and Yu-jin, the protagonists of’Penthouse’, jointly won the Grand Prize.

In the drama of’Penthouse’, an irreversible bad performance has begun due to the incident that occurred when Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin) and Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) quarreled over the Cheong-A Arts Festival. This is why Eugene humorously referred to the trophy for the acting awards.

In response to Yujin’s reaction, Kim So-yeon added a trophy-shaped emoticon, saying, “Oh Yoon-hee, take this,” and added a feeling of ‘Hoon-hoon’, and SES member Bada, like Yujin, said, It is difficult to distinguish,” he confirmed that he is an avid viewer.

After that, junior Jo Boa commented, “My sister was really the best. Penthouse awesome. Oh Yoon-hee awesome”, and a comment on’Joo-Joo’ full of fans’ feelings aroused the feelings of fans. The two formed a relationship through the 2015 KBS drama’Please, Mom’.

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