Jo Byeong-gyu, ‘Suspected of School Violence’, ‘SBS Acting Awards’ presenters sortie… “Feeling new”

Jo Byeong-gyu was awarded the Rookie of the Year award at the ‘2021 SBS Drama Awards’. broadcast capture

Actor Jo Byung-gyu stood in front of the public after a long time.

The ‘2021 SBS Drama Awards’ was held on the 31st at SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Seoul. Shin Dong-yup and Kim Yoo-jung were active in hosting the event.

The Rookie of the Year award winners were Jo Byeong-gyu and So Joo-yeon. Jo Byeong-gyu asked Jo Byeong-gyu, “How are you?”, and Jo Byeong-gyu said, “It’s been a while since filming ended, so I’m resting at home. I only go to the filming set and come to the awards ceremony, so I remember last year and have new feelings.”

He continued, “I decided to become a better actor by receiving the Rookie of the Year award, which I can only receive once as an actor.” So Joo-yeon said, “I want to become a natural actress. I think it’s the easiest and most difficult goal. I’m working hard every moment.”

Jo Byung-gyu took a hiatus after being caught up in allegations of school violence in February. I had to step down from the entertainment program ‘Comeback Home’ and the drama ‘Usa and Joy’, which were scheduled to appear. In July, his agency HB Entertainment said, “We took legal action against the writers of the post that sparked the groundless school violence controversy about Jo Byung-gyu. We recently sent an official apology.”

Jo Byeong-gyu is scheduled to meet the public through the movie ‘Even if I die’ (working title). This work tells the story of Jeon Woo-seok, a stuntman whose dream was to become an actor, after an accident takes him back to his high school days, and gives him an opportunity to rethink his dream. Jo Byung-gyu takes on the role of Jeon Woo-seok, who instantly returns to high school in his 40s.

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