Jo Dong-yeon “Unwanted pregnancy due to sexual violence… Please stop criticizing my family”

Cho Dong-yeon, who resigned on the 3rd, and former new co-permanent election chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, answers questions from reporters at a press conference held at the Central Party in Yeouido, Seoul on the 30th of last month. By Oh Dae-geun

Professor Cho Dong-yeon, a professor at Seogyeong University, who voluntarily resigned as co-chairman of the Democratic Party’s permanent election campaign, explained to the Democratic Party on the 5th, “I got an unwanted pregnancy due to sexual violence, but I am responsible for that life.” “Please stop reporting and criticizing young children and families.”

“I didn’t get an apology from the offender, but I raised it with love”

Former Chairman Cho made a statement on the same day through lawyer Yang Tae-jung, deputy head of the Democratic Party’s election committee’s legal support team. “I had an unwanted pregnancy due to a third party’s horrific sexual violence in August 2010,” said former Chairman Cho. said. Lawyer Yang said, “At that time, Cho’s marriage was in a state of dissolution, so he gave birth with the intention of taking responsibility and raising children on his own with the religious belief that he could not kill the life in the womb.” After the sexual assault, I did not receive any compensation or apology from the perpetrator, but I am doing my best to care for and raise my children with love.”

Former Chairman Cho said that he met after being introduced to his current spouse after divorce from his first husband. He said, “I have told the above facts not only to my current spouse, but also to their parents. .

“The scarlet letters of ‘out of wedlock’ on children by indiscriminate robbery”

Former Chairman Cho also said that he had no relationship with Cha Young-goo, former Minister of National Defense Policy Office, and his children, who were mentioned in some media. Lawyer Yang said, “The former policy chief Cha Young-goo, who suffered damage from false information, has also expressed his intention to take legal action as soon as possible, including a criminal complaint against the Garosero Research Institute.” “Due to reckless robbery and speculative reports, the identity of Cho’s young child was leaked, and as a result, he was engraved in scarlet letters not only with his classmates but also with many others saying he is an out-of-wedlock.” This is serious child abuse. It is an irreversible violence.”

“Lee Jae-myung, I’m sorry I didn’t tell the Democratic Party about the situation.”

Former Chairman Cho offered an apology to Democratic Party officials and the public, including Chairman Song Young-gil. Lawyer Yang said, “Former Chairman Cho expressed his deep apologies to the people who were hurt by this incident, candidate Lee Jae-myung, Chairman Song and the Democratic Party. I also said that I am sorry for not being able to tell lawmakers Kim Byung-joo and Lee Yong-bin about the circumstances of an out-of-married woman as a woman.”

Cho, who was selected as the No. 1 recruit by the Democratic Party’s Election Response Committee, resigned after three days of life amid controversy over his privacy. On the 3rd, former Chairman Cho filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of violating the Public Official Election Act (slandering candidates) and violating the Information and Communications Network Act (defamation) of the YouTube channel Garosero Research Institute, which revealed the child’s real name.

Seohee Lee reporter



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