Jo Young-nam tied with a rope.. “If Yoon Yeo-jeong calls again, I will have an affair…” (Bout with God)

[스포츠조선닷컴 박아람 기자] Singer and painter Jo Young-nam reveals his secrets that have not been revealed until now.

‘Fight with God’, which is scheduled to be broadcasted on the 16th, is a talk show with an honest reincarnation ‘life’ in which 3MCs Kim Gura, Do Kyung-wan, and Kwang-hee are curious about the other world.

In this broadcast, the life history of Cho Young-nam of ’50 Years of Old Life’ is explored in detail and depicts a raw talk scene without packaging. In addition, from the truth hidden in the numerous controversies surrounding him, such as the ‘masterpiece controversy’ and ‘best revenge’, to the shocking revelations that could not be told in the world, details will be revealed.

In this regard, ‘Battle with God’ catches the eye by releasing a teaser trailer for the original and unconventional main story.

The video that started with Jo Young-nam, who appeared with both hands tied in a rope, draws attention as it contains keywords such as Cho Young-nam, who crash-landed in the other world, as well as 3MC and the god who bet on reincarnation. In the video, Jo Young-nam, who was very excited, threw a quick ball saying, “That one word changed my life…” “I almost became a beggar”, while MC Do Kyung-wan answered, “What if Yoon Yeo-jeong calls again?” …” he answered, drawing attention.

Kim Gu-ra, the Great King of Yeom Gu-ra, exclaims, “Should I reincarnate this kind of person?”, making the atmosphere even more dramatic.

Meanwhile, Jo Young-nam, who made his debut in the music industry in 1968 with ‘Dililah’, has captivated the public with his unique charm for the past 50 years. After that, he succeeded not only as a singer but also in the art world, establishing himself as a free-spirited artist and icon. However, due to the suspicion of a masterpiece painting, Cho Young-nam stopped all activities, including broadcasting, while the trial was in progress.

MBN’s ‘Fight with God’ is broadcast every Sunday at 9:50 pm, starting with the first broadcast on the 16th.



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