Job Coding Betting in Appalachia. Now they say it's fraud.

The 16 week class promised on 17 weeks. Then 18, then 19. As the class continued, many students began running out of money. Of the more than two dozen students started, about 10 were left by the end of October, some of them playing computer games in class to put the time forward, just waiting for the final project before graduation.

Ms Laucher soon suggested that the project would be a thing for the public, perhaps a gaming app that addresses the opioid epidemic. Then the project was finally announced: website design for pet bed and breakfast was Miss Laucher's mother opening in Pennsylvania.

But Stephanie Frame still believed. When a tour of the leadership Mined Minds expanded to a high-tech conference in Lithuania in November, she saw an opportunity. She was never out of the country, but this was a way of locking herself, herself and her daughter. Her husband agreed to spend $ 1,000 on the trip.

“If I could hang them,” she remembered thinking, “be one of them, show them how committed I am, how much I supported them, then we have it.”

While Stephanie and others were in Lithuania, the rest of the class were discussing whether to stick it to the stage. A news station in Pennsylvania had reported problems with the Mined Minds program, including that almost all graduates of one class had been put right after being employed as apprentices. The Pennsylvania state ordered Minds Mined to discontinue its operations because it did not have a license to run a school.

On the morning of late November, in the first class after the Lithuania conference, the students in Beckley came to the fore. Two of the visitors – Stephanie Frame and Mr. Moore, their teaching assistant – were on the program.

In a video conference, Ms Laucher told the class that Stephanie was dismissed for "sexual harassment, quite drunk, basically carrying in a way that we could not argue by Mined Minds."

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