“Jôc Mawr” reveals that the former director general of the DSI has given a special task force to believe that there are liars in this work.

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A “Big Joke” revealed the former Director General of the DSI. Give the task force a contradiction, believe that one person is a liar. Because there is only one truth Prepare to widen the consequences Nauru Female Consular Officer after being found a whistleblower

After that, investigators questioned Mr.Triyarit Temhiwong The former Director General of the Department of Special Investigations or DSI linked 5 special DSI officers together with 9 191 police officers who searched the former home.Consulate of Nauru Thailand in the Thung Maha Mek Police Station area before claiming that benefit

latest Pol Gen’s “Big Joke”. Surachet Hakpal The Deputy Commissioner of the National Police revealed that the evidence of Mr Triiyarit Former Director General of DSI That confirmed it was a legitimate order. And the actual task force order was signed. considered as approval to go to work because he was to go out to carry out official duties outside but he did not order them to be raided and did not know the details of this house After the search operation was over No report back to know the results of the search

Paul said. Gen. You should also ensure that there is evidenceFormer Director General of DSI It is still inconsistent with the arrest case that has been investigated and he testified that all reports were made to Mr. Triiyarit. which after this the investigating officer will disregard the connection of the evidence. and compare with the evidence, believing that one party One is not telling the truth because there is only one truth

Pol.Gen Surachet Hakpal

As for the embezzled property of more than 10 million baht, it has been extended toFormer Director General of DSIOr not, Pol Gen said. Make sure that Mr. Triiyarit testified that he did not know the amount of money. and after completing the special task force mission that he did not report the results of the practice to himself Although the evidence from a special set confirmed to the investigator during the inquiry that it had been reported to the Director General, therefore the evidence is still conflicting

However, it is a matter that the investigating officer will have to extend the effect. because the money is definitely divided One person may not win much. But who are you going to be? At the moment, no one has allowed

In the case of 3 DSI officers out of 5 people in the house search packageconsul from Nauru Searched luxury condominium in Huay Kwang area. which is the residence of Nauru’s ex-missionaries and their families. Pol Gen said. Make sure that Mr. Triiyarit confirms that he was not aware of the mission. of the special set And the mission has not been reported as well. In addition, charges have not been reported. Joint trespass robbery for all 3 people, still waiting for the court to approve the arrest warrant.

Although the property that DSI officials took away from the luxury condos of the former ambassador of Nauru said Pol Gen. Surachet that the security guard of the condo said it was an amulet. But the police have not seen the details yet. In addition, there is no search warrant for searching such condos, because the DSI has coordinated with female officers before the Nauruan embassy. for permission to enter and search

The former Director General of the DSI testifies

Pol revealed. Gen. Surachet that many abnormalities continue at this time. of the Nauruan Consulate as part of the female officers who have been working in the Nauruan consulate for over 20 years, is the person who contacts the DSI Proceeding to inspect the residence of the former Nauruan consulate after the above will need to be extended

However, the testimony of Mr. Trin Pichitkunchorn, the director of the screening and news department for special cases and the first testimony of Mr. Seksit Sawanyathipat, director of the Division of Development and Support Special Cases quite consistent but Triyarit testimony only that they are not like others Today, they still throw each other around when they are close and there will be additional charges. In the end, no one would die alone.


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