Joe Chen and Eric Tsang Celebrate 4th Anniversary with Romantic Trip to Turkey

Joe Chen and Husband Eric Tsang Celebrate 4th Anniversary with Turkey Getaway

Turkey, 24th Comprehensive News – Renowned actress Joe Chen and her beloved husband Eric Tsang recently embarked on a romantic trip to Turkey to commemorate their 4th wedding anniversary. The couple, who tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on March 31, 2022, shared a heartwarming photo capturing their love and joy.

With a love story that began in late 2019, when Chen fell head over heels for her Malaysian beau, Alan Tsang, this power duo has since become inseparable. Their journey has been marked with devotion and commitment, culminating in their official marriage registration and the celebration of their four years together.

Their enchanting trip to Turkey was juxtaposed with their previous escapade to South Korea, showcasing their shared passion for exploring new cultures and creating cherished memories together. Chen Qiaoen, affectionately known as Joe Chen, took to social media on the 22nd to share a captivating picture of the couple, exclaiming, “Celebrating our 4th anniversary in Turkey!” The image portrayed the couple locked in a tender embrace, radiating warmth and joy.

22 Years in the Industry – A Milestone Worth Celebrating

This period of happiness and love also coincided with Chen Qiaoen’s 22nd anniversary as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Paying homage to her remarkable journey, she shared a captivating solo photograph, accompanied by heartfelt words: “Dear you, today marks 22 years since my debut. Never forgetting my initial aspirations, I continue to love, be free, and express gratitude for all the blessings life has bestowed upon me.”

The cherished couple, Joe Chen and Eric Tsang, have undeniably proven their unwavering affection for one another. Their endearing gestures, such as holding hands and beaming at each other during their Turkish adventure, melt the hearts of their devoted fans. As they bask in the joy of their 4th anniversary, love emanates from every frame, leaving an indelible impression on all who witness their journey. (Source: Instagram)

On this auspicious occasion, as Chen Qiaoen commemorates her remarkable 22-year journey in the spotlight, she humbly expressed gratitude for loving herself and embracing life’s blessings. With a deep sense of appreciation, she professed, “Thank you for being your truest self and thank you for every remarkable experience that has shaped me into who I am today.” (Source: Instagram)

Joe Chen and her husband Eric Tsang traveled to Turkey and shared a photo of the two to celebrate their 4th anniversary. (Taken from IG)

(Turkey, 24th Comprehensive News) Joe Chen fell in love with his Malaysian boyfriend Alan Tsang at the end of 2019. The 9-year-old sister and brother fell in love and completed marriage registration on March 31, 2022, upgraded’ n official for husband and wife. They recently went to Turkey, and Chen Qiaoen posted a message to celebrate their 4th anniversary together.

Chen Qiao En and Zeng Weichang have been very fond since meeting. They often have sex together. After they went to South Korea, they went to Turkey to play. On the 22nd, Chen Qiaoen posted a picture of the two together and wrote: “Celebrating our 4th anniversary in Turkey.” In the picture, the two held hands and smiled at each other, which was quite sweet.

This period also marks the 22nd anniversary of Chen Qiaoen’s debut. Yesterday, she shared a single photo of herself and said: “Dear you, today is the 22nd year of debut. Never forget your original intention, love always, and be free. Thank you for loving yourself, thank you For all that I have, be grateful.”

Joe Chen and Eric Tsang are very affectionate after their wedding. They were holding hands and smiling at each other in Turkey, which was very sweet. (Taken from IG) On the 22nd anniversary of Chen Qiaoen’s debut, she shared a single photo to thank herself: “Thank you for loving yourself, thank you for everything, be grateful.” (Taken from IG)

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