John Brittas says that when Adani goes wrong, every Indian’s heart will sink Adani: John Brittas Facebook post

Thiruvananthapuram: John Brittas MP said that when Adani gets it wrong, every Indian will feel heartbroken. According to current indications, LIC has lost nearly Rs 20,000 crore. JonBrittas also questions whether LIC will invest Rs 87,380 crore in Adani Group without an outside offer. He shared his concern through a Facebook post.

Full text of the post:

Every Indian’s chest will heave when Adani gets it wrong. The issue is simple. The Adani empire was built by taking public money. According to current indications, LIC has lost nearly Rs 20,000 crore. Will LIC invest 87,380 crores in Adani Group without external guidance? Public sector banks have given 4.5 lakh crore to Adani !! Two months ago (December 1, 2022) Delhi Indian Express had given news about Adani Prem of LIC. Not only did no one else touch it, India Today ran a cover story praising Adani and whitewashing it – Keerthanam

All the number of projects in the country went to Adani. Airports, ports, mines, cement… It can be seen at first sight that the growth of Modi and Adani are like parallel lines. The Indian media, which bowed before Modi, continued to do the same before Adani. NDTV, which was an exception, was taken over by Adani. The Hindenberg report is the standard script of crony capitalist companies. PSUs are being raided by day, wealth inflated, shell companies in tax havens ‘investing’… But the campaign for Adani will soon reach its peak… Next comes diamond weapons from national interest!

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