“John-Charlette” led the army to worship “Phra Nakorn 1867” pairing with Phra Nakorn

Enjoy the most romantic fun with a fun period drama. “Phra Nakhon 2410” On Channel One 31, produced by Fit Kham Entertainment Company Who is preparing to hit the first screen on Wednesday, February 8th, led by the team Enter Niphon Pewnoen, head of the drama department, Channel 31, Thongchai-Maneerat Prasongsanti, camp organizer Fit Kham and Siam Nuamseti, director, together with the dark-faced hero “John Chindachot” and a rising star “Charlet Wasita Haemenau” which is the orbit to work together for the first time With the role of a young cop who doesn’t care about love and a bad matchmaker from the city

“John-Charlette” led the army to worship “Phra Nakorn 1867” pairing with Phra Nakorn

There is also a team of very skilled actors from small and large models such as Point Chonlawit Metehongkham, Plaifah Natchaphon Unsawat, Yingying Saruchod Phetcharoj, Aunt Ji Atcharaphan Paiboonsuwan, Aew Ampha Phusit, Ton Jakkrit Amarat, Pim Phan Phan Chatyankater PlueAnkater, Taegatertater Japatpol, Taegater Japatpol, Taegetpol, Taegetpol, Taegetpol, Taegetpol, Taegetpol, TAE COPATETATEPOL COUNAYNIKATED Stra, Wimolpan Chaleejunghan, Nantachatchai Ms Kritsanaprasit, Joy Chuanchuen Etc attended the worship ceremony at Ax Studio, Pathum Thani Province yesterday.

Pin and wait to watch the period drama “Phra Nakhon 2410” full of modern fun every Wednesday – Thursday at 8:30 pm on Channel 31, starting on the first Wednesday, February 8. You can watch the drama “Phra Nakhon 2410”, look back for free on all networks. Every Wednesday-Thursday at 11:00 pm, the first place in TrueID through 3 channels including apps, web and TrueID TV boxes.

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