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Entertainment Center / Reported by Zhong Yunxuan

▲Jolin Tsai just finished the last performance of the “UGLY BEAUTY” concert in Taipei. (Photo / flip by Jolin Tsai IG)

The 10-day Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end. Many people choose to catch the tail of the holiday and take advantage of the opportunity to travel. There is even Jolin Tsai, the queen who has just finished the last show of “UGLY BEAUTY” Taipei Station, is an exception. Yesterday (27th) Jolin Tsai posted several photos of her family going to Alishan to watch the sunrise and take a small train together on the limited time feed, and she did not look 42 years old in her hidden appearance .

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Jolin Tsai (right) posted a photo of playing in Alishan with her family on social networking sites.  (Photo / flip by Jolin Tsai IG)

▲ Jolin Tsai (right) posted pictures of playing in Alishan with her family on social networking sites. (Photo / flip by Jolin Tsai IG)

Yesterday (27th), Jolin Tsai posted photos of Alishan’s beautiful scenery and a group photo with his family on the limited time feed. In the photo, Jolin Tsai has long brown curly hair, wearing a black fur hat and a long down jacket of the same color. She doesn’t have much make-up on her face, and her skin is still in good condition. And the family that rarely gathers together for a trip, sits in the small train in Alishan, smiles a little at the camera, quite happy.

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Not only that, Jolin Tsai also shared pictures of the sunrise in Alishan and the hotel where he lived, and it can be seen that the special design of the infinity swimming pool in the hotel makes the beauty of Alishan even more impeccable . He also added a photo with his sister, the two of them stood on the side of the path and leaned on each other, relaxing by absorbing the essence of Alishan’s cultivation, and then set off after fully charging.

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