Jomman Taban Petchnamnueng Fighting Fun Friday

Weighing results and looking at the body in the fight “Muay Fun Friday” for Friday, December 3, round 2, Ek Jommarn Sitchefbuntham and Petchnamnueng Fighter Muay Thai in a 124-pound weight limit at the Rangsit International Boxing Stadium, starting the first match 20.00 hrs. Page Muay Ded 789 live.

“Muay Mun Mun Friday” Regular match on Friday, December 3, 2021, organized by promoter Sia Boat Natthadej Wachirarattanawong, organized under the Covid-19 control measures in a closed system. The main event is a meeting between Chom Mara Sitchef Buntham (Dang) Petchnamnueng Fighter Muay Thai (Blue) in the weight of 124 pounds

weighing results

The first pair. Rated 45 kg.

🔴 Phetnueng Phet Muay Thai Gym, location 45, weighs 45 (according to the coordinates)
🔵 Khun Narong Kraisirapop Boxing Gym, location 45, weighing 45.5, reducing 0.5 kg.

The second pair. The coordinates are 117 pounds.

🔴 Wang Phrai Bank, Euro, location 117, weighing 118.5, reducing 1.5 pounds
🔵 Metro Kraisiraphob Boxing Gym, coordinates 117, weighing 116.1, missing 0.9 pounds

Match 3. 143 pounds coordinates

🔴 Jack Apichat Muay Thai Gym, location 143, weighs 143.8, reduced 0.8 pounds
🔵 Sajad Venum Muay Thai, coordinates 143, weighs 147.3, loses 4.3 pounds

Match 4. The coordinates are 124 pounds.

🔴 Chom Mara, Sit Chef Buntham, location 124, weighs 124.1, lose 0.1 lbs.
🔵 Petchnamnueng, Muay Thai fighter, coordinates 124, weighs 124.9, reduces 0.9 pounds



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