jomol for marriage, I tried through the police to prevent Jomol from escaping; Jomol jumped over the wall of his own house at midnight and reached Mumbai! – suresh gopi talks about jomol wedding viral video

Jomol is one of the favorite Malayali actresses of all time. The star who was once full of movies. Jomol, who has been away from the movies, has recently returned. The popularity of the star has not decreased at all even after stepping away from films. Now Jomol’s old interview is going viral. The video of Suresh Gopi saying that he tried to stop Jomol from escaping through the police is now going viral.

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That’s where friendship begins

I first saw Jomole when I was actually a baby in the cinema. Some very interesting faces like Mohanlal will be in our minds. Jomol will play the role of my sister on the sets of Vadkan Veeragatha. The sprout is in the blazing sun. Sometimes we share a friendship on set.

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Tried a trap

A relationship that began then continues to be part of my family today. A lot of funny things have happened in the meantime. I might miss the plain text when I say it. Meanwhile, there are many things that happened without my knowledge. It was basically an escape. That day I contacted the police to arrest this couple.

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It didn’t arrive in a good way

Jomol’s mother used to shout at me that Chandra Sekharapilla had hit Mol. When we hear this name, we feel a little older. This Chanthu named Chandrasekharapillai has come to my house. Jomol also came then but we never expected such a relationship. It seems like a lot of fun, but this escapade did not end well at Jomol’s house.

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He was willing to take the risk

Jomol says we came to the decision to go without informing the house because we were afraid of what would happen if we had informed about this at home. I wasn’t ready to take a risk with my life. But such a marriage was not in Chantu’s mind.

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The seriousness of things

He used to keep the money he got from time to time and still called. But the phone bill was too much to pay. Paying Chantu’s phone bill and my phone bill was spotty. We thought it would be better to get married than pay this phone bill. Chantu told me that he can come home and ask for a girl. I say this is not going to happen, then Chantu realizes the seriousness of things when she contacts a lawyer through a friend. Jomol told JB Junction that he fled to Mumbai.


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