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‘Jongno by-election’ as hot as the presidential election… Lim Jong-seok and Lee Jun-seok face-to-face?

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It is noteworthy whether a confrontation between the ruling and opposition giants will be held in the Seoul Jongno National Assembly elections, which will be held along with the presidential election on March 9 next year. The site became vacant due to the resignation of former Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon, and a re-election will be held during the presidential election.

In the passport, while names such as former Chief of Staff Lim Jong-seok, former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, who served as a member of the National Assembly in Jongno, and former lawmakers Choo Mi-ae and Park Young-seon, are floating around, Democratic Party lawmaker Woo Sang-ho appeared on a radio program on the 27th and said, “Heavy-weight person that the Democratic Party can recommend. Lim said, “I think the former manager is probably the most influential.” In the opposition, the name of Lee Jun-seok, the representative of the People’s Power, continues to rise and fall even though he himself refuses, and the name of former Jeju-do governor Won Hee-ryong, who declared his candidacy, and Ahn Cheol-soo, the leader of the People’s Party, who is preparing to run for president, are also mentioned.

Both the ruling and opposition parties are still arguing over the candidates. On that day, the former chief of staff Im was summoned for Rep. Woo’s ‘Im Jong-seok powerful’ remarks, but the appearances of former lawmakers Choo Mi-ae and Park Young-seon, who are large female politicians, cannot be ruled out. Some say that in case President Lee becomes an opposition candidate, he should fight with the same ‘young blood’ as Democratic Party Supreme Leader Lee Dong-hak. However, there is a possibility that Rep. Woo, who served as a four-term lawmaker in Seoul alone, said, “Due to the nature of the Jongno area, most people running there do not prefer heavy-duty candidates for presidential candidates.” . However, Rep. Woo also said, “If the party recruits a person of such importance from outside, it will be the same again,” but left room for “currently, it is not a situation where heavyweight outside personnel are being discussed.”

In the opposition, Lee is the most talked about as a candidate. However, CEO Lee is reducing the possibility himself because he has a lot of affection for Sanggye-dong, Nowon, which he has kept despite being defeated twice. However, it was not completely closed. On the 26th, CEO Lee appeared on a radio program and asked a question, ‘Isn’t it possible for President Lee to come out because the Jongno constituency by-election is held with the concept of a running mate for the presidential election? It’s the same whether I go out or someone else goes out.” This is the part where the interpretation of whether the tone has changed from the fact that he denied running for Jongno at once is part of the interpretation. However, CEO Lee later met with reporters and explained, “We have been talking about running for Sanggye-dong. If I fully and declaratively express my candidacy for Jongno, I’m talking jokingly, but I hope you don’t interpret it too broadly.” However, a high-ranking official from the People’s Power said, “You have to elevate your political position to the next level before you can become a candidate for the next or next presidential election.”

The stories of former governor Won, who are currently running the People’s Power presidential race, and Representative Ahn, who will soon announce his candidacy for president, are constantly coming out. Analysts say that if the former governor does not become a final candidate after the end of the People’s Power contest on November 5, the former governor who does not currently have a position may come forward. For former governor Won, who is expected to run for the next party, if he does not become a finalist in this presidential primary, it is a significant advantage to plant a flag in Jongno, Seoul. Ahn, who is scheduled to announce his run for president at the end of this week, has no choice but to unite with the power of the people, and may run for Jongno if he is not the candidate elected through unification.

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