Joo Ho-young, “I believe the decision was made in accordance with the criminal law against former CEO Lee Jun-seok.”

Regarding the decision not to appeal former CEO Lee Jun-seok’s ‘suspicion of favors and sexual mediation’, floor leader Joo Ho-young said, “I suspect that the decision has ‘to be done appropriately in accordance with the principles of criminal law. ”

In a meeting with reporters after meeting with National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo, floor leader Joo Ho-young said, “I don’t know the reason for the decision because I only watch the media reports without getting involved with the party’s ethics committee. .”

As for the reason why Pwer y Popl previously asked to change the court responsible for the injunction case, he said, “I thought it was because I thought the different decisions that had been made were not so far fair.” I answered. it doesn’t seem to be.

Regarding the controversy regarding the cancellation of condolence for President Yoon Seok-yeol, he said, “It seems like a very bad frame to use the word disaster. It is acting,” he criticized.

He also urged the Democratic Party to refrain from arguing, saying, “When a national player goes to a game, he should cheer and encourage him.”

Also, regarding President Yoon’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly, he added, “You seem to have spoken well to the world of your convictions.”

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