Joo Ho-young was elected floor leader, but Lee Yong-ho expressed ‘rebellion against Yoon’s heart’ with 42 votes

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People’s Power held a general meeting of the National Assembly today and elected five-term lawmaker Joo Ho-young as the new floor leader.

However, as Assemblyman Joo, supported by the so-called ‘Yoon Shim’, was elected by barely winning a majority, contrary to expectations, there is an evaluation that it is a joint backlash against Yoon Hak- kwan.

Reporter Yoo Choong-hwan reports.

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Conflict between five-term lawmaker Ho-Young Joo, former chairman of the Blitz and Representative Lee Yong-Ho, who came to power at the end of last year.

A landslide victory was expected for the Yoon Hak-kwan, a key group of close aides to President Yun Seok-yeol, the alleged lawmaker Joo, supported by the so-called Yun Shim, but the result was unexpected.

In a vote of 106 members, the state legislator barely passed the majority with 61 votes, and this member received 42 votes, with a difference of only 19 votes between the two candidates.

In fact, the expression on the face of floor leader Joo, who was expecting to be elected, was heavy.

[주호영/국민의힘 신임 원내대표]

“I think it is a result of reflecting the will of the party to give it a healthy voice, such as for my second appointment.”

Earlier, Representative Lee Yong-ho strongly criticized former floor leader Kwon Seong-dong in his political opinion statement, saying he was pushing for the election of Joo Ho-young.

[이용호/국민의힘 의원]

“I don’t know if it’s Yoon-shim or Kwon-shim. I don’t think there is such a thing or not. These days, even elementary school class president elections don’t follow the will of the teacher.”

Regarding Lee’s unexpected propaganda, a senior party member evaluated it as a “rebellion against Yoon Hak Kwan” in a word in a phone call with MBC, and a first-time lawmaker said, “The evaluation of Yoon Hak Kwan, the presidential office, and the recent chaos within the party all combined. Interpreted as “.

Contrary to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s official position that he will not interfere in party affairs, there is dissatisfaction with the pro-yun core who insist on making a unilateral choice with ‘yun-sim’ and the unreasonable change of a person who is not jointly expressed captain. .

In response, one pro-Yun-gye lawmaker downplayed its meaning, saying it was just a reaction against the ‘Ho-Young Joo theory’, and Representative Jang Je-won, a key member of the pro-Yun-gye system, quietly.

[장제원/국민의힘 의원]

“What do I do with that… No, I have to reflect the legislators’ votes well and run the house.”

As the vote confirmed that the opposition within the party was not formidable, the leader of the floor, Ho-young Joo, had to undertake the difficult task of dealing with a huge opposition while resolving conflicts within the party.

This is Chunghwan Yoo from MBC News.

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