Joo Hyun-young of ‘Yeonmae-sal’ pays attention to the growth story that immerses viewers… growth type character

Actor Joo Hyun-young draws attention as a growth story that immerses viewers.
In the 7th and 8th episode of tvN ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’ (Director Baek Seung-ryong/Screenwriter Park So-young, Lee Chan, Nam In-young/Producer Studio Dragon, Wind Pictures) aired this week, So Hyun -joo (played by Joo Hyun-young) who gradually grows as a developed manager

At the suggestion of Je-in Cheon (played by Seon-yeong Kwak), Hyun-joo So joined Go Eun-gyeol (played by Shin Hyeon-seung) as the field manager. In response, So Hyun-joo played the role of manager as a supporter by accompanying Ko Eun-gyeol in the process of rehearsing the script and going to the scene so that she could focus on filming. Full of joy after gaining Cheon Je-in’s trust, he was passionate about working overtime with meticulous consideration in order to support my actor perfectly.

On the other hand, when Matthew Oh (Lee Seo-jin) tried to rectify the secret father-daughter relationship by informing the company, he said that if he revealed it now, the people in the company would feel that they had betrayed them, and asked the company to keep the secret, adding that it was fine.

Even in a situation where the heart would be difficult, Hyun-joo always swept the attention of the viewers with a bright and energetic look at work. Hae-joon Gu (Seong-tae Heo), who became the new CEO of Method Entertainment, gave a special order to recruit actor Ji-hoon Kim. He was the only one who went to the secretary ‘,’ and taking care of him brought out a sense of satisfaction.

However, after a sudden meeting at team leader level, director Jang Myeong-ae (Shim So-young) is forced to leave the company, and So Hyun-ju, who learns that the reason the story that she accidentally lost to the company. Hae-jun’s secretary, So Hyun-joo suffers because she is uncomfortable and unable to hide her apologetic feelings. So, he went to the secretary Hae-jun to save him and question him, but he was now shocked to find out that he had been used.

Joo Hyun-young, who is growing up little by little as a real manager in such big and small events, is attracting attention. He leads the immersion of the drama with a passionate performance in harmony with the ‘growth type’ manager So Hyun-joo, who has passion and sincerity, and leads the favorable reviews.

Meanwhile, tvN’s ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30pm.

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Photo courtesy of tvN ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’

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