Jordan Klepper Who's Who's New Movie Comedy Central Comedy At Atlanta Protest

Jordan Klepper has a criminal record. An Show Daily alum and ex-host The Opposition This morning was held in Atlanta while filming on the new Comedy Central series emerging at an unofficialized student protest, the deadline confirmed.

Klepper was shooting at a Regents Board meeting in the Capitol Building of Georgia when he ordered himself to leave others. When not, the Capitol States of Georgia were sent by members of the group for criminal priority. An Atlanta Journal-Constitution It reports that nine people were part of the group.

Klepper must still comment about his arrest. In the meantime, here is a video of Twitter contact:

The Opposition by Jordan Klepper scored for one season on Comedy Central before being canceled in June. At the time, the deadline reported exclusively that he was working on a new documentary series for the net cable, which stated that Klepper was shooting a movie for that project – that he needed a title Klepper – when it was arrested.

The thought The Opposition which came out of the underground Klepper filming piecesr The Daily Exhibition Donald Trump rallies during his campaign. Klepper was a correspondent for that show last year of running Jon Stewart as a host, and the Opposition was subsequently retired during the reign of Trevor Noah

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