Josh Butler: Spartan football player of Michigan State University who found his parents die with dog walks on Senior Day t

Josh Butler: Spartan football player of Michigan State University who found his parents die with dog walks on Senior Day  t

There was a football player in Michigan State University, whose parents died before SEO Day, walking out with the dogs he took into the pitch for the occasion. Spartans provincial corner Josh Butler gave out Roxy and Remi for the event, which is a gathering of seniors from a tunnel with family members usually from their final college game.

As Butler is in college, he lost his father in 2017 and his mother to cancer last year. Between the two deaths, the fifth year of senior age took with two boxer boxes and red bull boxes, which became a huge part of his life. On Saturday, he brought his "daughters" onto a Spartan Stadium.

"Since my mother and father were … running the ability to walk with Roxy and Remi was very important to me," Butler News said Tuesday. "They mean the world to me and they are always there for me in my own life."

Josh Butler, Michigan State University football player, walked with the two adopted dogs for Senior Day.

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Michigan State University met reporter David Harns put tweeted video of butler running into the football pitch with these playful canines. He told CBS News that it was a "dream come true" to be out with them.

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Butler showed the day and his time in school in Instagram post. "It was definitely a holy journey since I took the dog bus as a child up to Michigan State, because I was able to lose my father in 2017, and my mother saw the cancer in April. T just from the cancer, I strengthened me as a man, a man of God, and a leader, "read the post.

Butler, who is completing his master's degree in the media and information later this month, has also kept an Instagram account on the dogs. There are more than 5,000 trailers on the page and it is packed with videos and adorable photos of Remi and Roxi. He calls them "smart."

"They do a lot of tricks," he said. "[They’ve] trained with Zeke the Wonder Dog. "

For Butler, he always feels that his parents are present. He carries his father's tag and he has a breast cancer tattoo. He wants to keep his mind alive in a meaningful way.

"I would like to honor my parents by helping the next person," he told CBS News. "Being a light to someone who would need it, breast cancer awareness and the impact of fathers growing up."

Josh Butler with his dogs, Roxy and Remi on the SEO Day.

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