Home Entertainment Joy Sirilak accepts the snare of Baiboon, the chapter that I’ve been waiting for. reveal heavy drama until the cervical spine

Joy Sirilak accepts the snare of Baiboon, the chapter that I’ve been waiting for. reveal heavy drama until the cervical spine

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Joy Sirilak accepts the snare of Baiboon, the chapter that I’ve been waiting for. reveal heavy drama until the cervical spine

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Joy Sirilak / Away from the entertainment industry for more than 9 years until the fans miss the drama for the girl Joy Sirilak Pongchok Recently came back to play the most challenging role in the life of the show. The drama “Bow Baiboon” on Channel 8 television in the role of “Bai Sri”, a dumb girl who lives in the most extreme. until the person asked to be raised as a master class teacher This is the long-awaited chapter in the life of an actor.

Joy Sirilak

Even though I’ve been in the wrong queue for various dramatic emotional scenes until the cervical spine make it a hindrance to the show but please don’t panic Continue to continue filming Today I had a chance to meet Joy. So don’t miss to update the progress of the drama filming. and her story

Many people wonder why this is the case. That made a comeback in the entertainment industry? “Actually, Channel 8 has contacted Joy 2 times. At first we thought we would play well or not. But the more I read the chapter Read more The character that we will play, the more I feel “Bai Sri” is me. We want to play as him. Our acting career spirit demands that we have to play. And it’s the chapter we’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“But at first I didn’t decide to accept. Because we are afraid that we will not do well as the channel expected. We have been gone for a long time. Will we be okay? Always think like this. Until the channel said that it gave us time to decide again. Thank you very much Channel 8 for waiting for us, but as I said. The more I read it, the more I want to play. The more I love this character In addition, the teacher’s class like this we don’t want to miss It was a chapter that we thought we had to play. And the more dumb roles we’ve never played. Baisi has something that Joy is really interested in. When I come to play, Joy dares to say that. Joy really loves this character. I want fans to see each other.”

Joy Sirilak

How was the past time before returning to film the drama “Buang Bai Boon” again? “Consider it a vacation. and came back to take care of himself during that time Because before the long break from the covid situation During that time, filming for dramas did not rest at all, plus rock scripts, difficult scripts, and drama scenes were available every day. In addition, it was during the time that the cervical vertebrae Joy moved from the scene in the drama “Bow Bai Boon”, so she had to rest her body and Joy had a business. own skin care After a break, I turn to business plans. and more online marketing media as well.”

Why does the cervical vertebra move? “It’s something we can’t control. I have to tell you that the role of “Bai Sri” has a rather difficult life. From child to adult was also abused I don’t want to spoil a lot, have to watch (laughs). That’s it with these attacked scenes. Really, the actors, the director, the staff have saved the actors well. But there was one day We were beaten on the set. which that day, it matched many people It’s the time when we’re attacked by people.

Joy Sirilak

Suddenly, we had a lot of throbbing pain in the neck. We went to tell Brother Bum, the director that we have a lot of neck pain. Maybe we need to adjust the posture again. He said there was something to hurry up and tell him. Do not tell because usually Joy, if it’s not really the end, won’t tell at all. Any scene can fight all. Brother Bum, he understands. When I came back home I felt some numbness in my left leg. After the Songkran holiday, I went to check. until found that a dislocated cervical vertebra The herniated disc in the lower back collapsed. and found that fortunately the nerve was not pressed

But when we numb the left side, it is caused by being temporarily crushed from sitting in various postures. The doctor said that I had to gradually Adjust your behavior and support it so that it doesn’t get any worse. It started with physical therapy. and let the staff recommend light exercises suitable for us to use Therefore, it is considered during the stay to take pictures. is to rejuvenate our body before returning to take another shot.”

Joy Sirilak

But during that time, came out to help people who are infected with covids a lot? “Yes, my heart was very focused on COVID. Joy will have our merit group. Where will he move to help? We’ll see what we can do to help. But don’t go out with them. Because Joy is one of the risk groups. who need to take care of themselves to stay away from covid Respiratory I tried to save myself in place. never leave the house What encourages others What can you support? in order to go out to different areas Especially the alcohol gel that is a product that Joy is already making. It will be sent to various places such as Chiang Rai, Nonthaburi, temples and hospitals. together with friends Sai merit who used to be ordained as a Brahmin together. And our fans came to help as well. Do more, do less, it can help each other. Then we pooled the money together. went to donate an oxygen concentrator to Ramathibodi Hospital We do our best. as much as we can Because during this period, everyone has to fasten their belts. Just being able to help makes you happy.”

Even filming this drama It’s not impossible to help people who have been flooded? “At that time, it was in Chaiyaphum Province. The most severely affected The Saiboon brothers set up a group that “Rang Nam Jai” is a streaming service that brings artists to sing together to earn money. Arrived at Bamnet Narong Hospital, Chaiyaphum Province. We looked at him as being damaged. appliances life support equipment including all computers it crashes Therefore, there are merit-headed elders who have come up with this idea. distributing news in different groups Until they pass each other to Joy. We also ask for jam. But with the Joy that said Joy has to be careful of the high number of coronavirus infections. So we just make a video call to invite those who have faith to help come together and donate. Recently, it came to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, like today, friends and joy went together. But we couldn’t go on filming. We will do according to our strength. But we didn’t do anything big. But with the fact that there are quite a lot of people in the group Help each other with different hands. It was accomplished.

Leave some work? Joy wants everyone to follow the drama “Bow Bai Boon” very much because Joy is fully focused on the role of “Bai Sri” and not just Joy. with the other actors as well. Everyone was determined to get tired. and full with this drama everyone Plus, the script for this drama is very intense, I don’t want to spoil it, but in my heart, I really want to spoil it (laughs) because it’s really awesome with this chapter. and the content of this drama Please follow the work of Joy’s return in the role of “Bai Sri”. We will definitely see you next year.”

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