“JP Morgan” to launch a “crypto wallet” for the global financial technology leader Web3

“JP Morgan” filed for trademark registration. Banking Industry’s First “JPMorgan Wallet” or “Crypto Wallet” Product Launch to facilitate digital currency exchange Become a leader in financial technology in the Web3 world

“JP Morgan” (JPMorgan) A huge financial service provider has filed a trademark registration for the walletdigital assetsNew, up-to-date information from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) or the Patent Office. and the US trademark indicates JPMorgan Have applied for trade registration for the product. JPMorgan Wallet It states the purpose of facilitating currency exchange.digital currency

In the documents filed for trade registration, it is stated that “Financial services are services for the movement of virtual money; providing virtual money movement services for members of the online community via worldwide computer networks; financial exchange for virtual currency; Crypto payment process; provide credit card and cash card payment processing services; provide a process for switching cards and credit cards for payment.”

JPMorgan registered the trademark on November 15, 2022.

JPMorgan Been researching the Crypto industry for over a year. Earlier this month, JPMorgan created the banking industry’s first blockchain transaction process. In a pilot project with DBS Bank and SBI Digital Asset Holdings.

Umar Farouk, CEO of OnyxBlockchainJPMorgan said it was the first time deposits were accepted in tokens. It is the first of any bank in the world to have a tokenized wallet on a public blockchain.

a month ago JPMorgan He has announced that the bank is exploring the possibility of creating a wallet on the system.Blockchain

in demand Web3 It’s something new for us to interact with.digital assets and protecting our identity Onyx JPMorgan is at the forefront of exploring the possibilities of the future that can bring us into the digital world seamlessly and reliably. The future has called for us to have the ability to store, view and share.digital assetsof you relating to your digital identity in one place.

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