JR+ Beasley asks the Lakers to call the old generals: you really need help

The Lakers are currently suffering from a five-game losing streak, and the storm is precarious. In this difficult period, two former Lakers have taken the initiative to ask.

Former Lakers player Michael Beasley tweeted and @了湖人, “It’s not that you disrespect you, but you do need help.”

Some fans retorted that the Lakers need young power. Beasley immediately replied, “I am now 32 years old, at least 2 years younger than the 6 of their last 8 signings, so just shut up.”

Another old player JR Smith also tweeted, “Since the league now needs a lot of 10-day contract players, I am still willing and eager to play. My number has not changed.”

Beasley played for the Lakers in the 2018-19 season. He played only 26 games and his performance was average. JR played briefly in the 2020-21 season and only played 6 games, his performance was not satisfactory. With such an experience, it is difficult for the Lakers to sign such “old arms and legs.”

Not long ago, the Lakers signed Thomas Jr., but it was only a 10-day part-time job contract. The latest news shows that the Lakers will not sign another 10-day contract with Thomas Jr.

Original title: JR + Beasley asks the Lakers to call the old generals: you really need help

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