Jude Antony Joseph | ‘Marakkar saw the negative reviews; No movie can be written and defeated; Marakkar is our pride: ‘

Director Jude Anthany Joseph says that Marakkar, the lion of the Arabian Sea starring Mohanlal, is our pride. Jude said he saw the woods after seeing a lot of negative reviews.

Jude said that no film can be defeated by writing. Jude responded via Facebook.

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‘I’m a big fan of Lalettan and I’m a big fan of Priyadarshan. I saw the woods after seeing a lot of negative reviews. A big salute to Priyan who shot a movie like this in 90 days.

No movie can be defeated by writing. But I can only say one thing to those who are trying to do that. A film like this is our pride. May Malayalam cinema still be able to work wonders on a small budget ‘, said Jude Antony.

‘Trees will survive all exception campaigns’; Mala Parvati

Thiruvananthapuram: The long awaited Mohanlal movie ‘Marakkar: The Lion of the Arabian Sea’ (Marakkar) has released several records after its release.

But on social media, many people came out against the film with bad reactions. Another group commented that this was an organized attempt to misrepresent the film. Mala Parvathy Marakkar, who played an important role in the film, has come on the scene in response to the anti-film propaganda.

Kovid’s impact on the film was huge. Mala Parvathy said that she was very relieved and happy to know that Kurup, Janeman and Manadu were succeeding in the theater.

The news that ‘Marakkar’ is coming to the theater gave a lot of hope. From the day the film was released, trolls began to appear criticizing the film. The propaganda was made as a mistake in the history of cinema itself.

However, she said that this Priyadarshan film ‘Marakkar is the Lion of the Arabian Sea’ will survive all the propaganda. It pays homage to the work behind the film. Those who really love cinema are accepting the film. There is no doubt that this will be a huge success. They wrote on Facebook.



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