Judge “I do not reflect on the motherland, objective evidence”

First trial verdict revealed… Cho Min appeals on sentencing day “I’m proud… adequate medical qualifications”

Cho Kuk, former Minister of Justice. 2022.11.18 News 1

“The defendant Cho Kuk still closes his eyes to the wrongdoing and shows no sign of reflection in making allegations against objective evidence even to this court.”

Criminal Agreement 21-1 (Chief Judge Ma Seong-young) of the Seoul Central District Court, which sentenced former Justice Minister Cho Kook to two years in prison on the 3rd, revealed the reason for the sentence through a ruling on the 6th.

Regarding the irregularities in the entrance examination of former Minister Cho’s children, the judge criticized, “Not only has our society’s trust in the fairness of the entrance examination system been seriously damaged, but there is extreme social division and conflict tired has also continued due to doubts about the entrance examination system. the family of the accused.” he did

Regarding the motive of the crime, the judge said, “From the false perception that no beneficiary would be a problem if a result favorable to the child’s entrance exam alone was secured by abandoning all expectations social and responsibilities required of the accused, who is a prominent university professor and had great social influence (The crime) originates,” he said. In addition, he noted, “The same crime was repeated over the years following the two children’s entrance exams, and the manner of the offense became more severe as time went on.”

Regarding the allegation of ignoring the inspection before Busan City Vice Mayor Yoo Jae-soo, he criticized, “I closed my eyes to the request of the special inspection team to prevent unfair solicitation and pressure and abuse of my authority to stop the inspection usual. “Former Minister Cho and his wife Kyung-Shim Chung, a former professor at Dongyang University, appealed on the day of the sentence because they were dissatisfied with the verdict of the first trial. the same standards for themselves.” He also added, “I heard from older people that I have enough qualifications (as a doctor).” Regarding this, Jeong Yu-ra (27), daughter of Choi Seo-won (formerly Choi Soon-sil, 67), posted that n being imprisoned for the corruption scandal, on Facebook, “What was so lacking in my qualifications as a player rider? I wonder if that was true,” she wrote, “smiling and going.”

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Reporter Lee Seung-woo suwoong2@donga.com

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