Jui Warattaya launches ‘VIV SKIN VOLUME UP MASCARA’, a new mascara. Appease all genders and ages, especially teenagers

After having a small son as Nong Pir Jay at the end of last year, recently Jui-Warataya Nilkuha, actress and owner of the brand VIV SKIN (VIV SKIN), Thai herbal cosmetic products. with products available for sale, including turmeric asta shot Turmeric Gold Serum, Turmeric Rose Cream, Mask Cream, Sunscreen, etc. are nowhere to be found. Vivskin also appeals to people of all genders and ages, especially teenagers who love beauty. Pick up ‘VIV SKIN VOLUME UP MASCARA’ mascara to curl eyelashes in the ‘VIVSKIN Makeup’ group, and we’d like to say it didn’t come for fun.

“I haven’t gone anywhere (laughs). Still taking care of wiv skin business with Khun Put and partners too Because at the end of last year, we planned business in 2023 for our business to grow. Expanding more product lines Penetrating new customer groups like more teenagers For example the latest mascara from Viv Skin called ‘VIV SKIN VOLUME UP MASCARA’ is also one of our product plans new.”

Regarding the highlight of VIV SKIN VOLUME UP MASCARA, Jui added that Is lash mascara, waterproof formula, waterproof, sweat proof, help “brush beautiful eyelashes Lock in a line, not panda”, can be refilled again and again once during the day it doesn’t clump Beautiful, lasts all day but super easy to wash off. Use cleaning water for easy drying. It does not hurt the skin around the eyes

It is a specially designed eyelash brush. There is a concave curvature to match the shape of the eyes. Can reach the lash line from head to tail. Adds thickness to the lashes with just one swipe. Makes the lashes beautifully lined, looking natural, lasting, providing total darkness and consistency from root to tip

In addition, Jui Warattaya also talked about the latest eyelash brush product from Vivskin that “We intend to make this product for all ages. and meet the needs of teenagers more He will have a beautiful girlfriend. want to try new cosmetics that are pleasant in their own way And, of course, after using good quality cosmetics. It will give them confidence throughout the day, which VIV SKIN VOLUME UP MASCARA is a mascara that meets their needs very well.

VIV SKIN VOLUME UP MASCARA is available from today through LINE @vivskin, Shopee Mall, and authorized retailers nationwide.

For those interested in the product and applying to be a distributor You can follow news information at
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instagram : VIV SKIN
Line ID : @vivskin (with @ in front)
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