Julieta Piñeres told about the harsh disease she contracted

Julieta Piñeres, a well-known presenter from Cartagena, shared an intimate and difficult moment with her followers on Instagram, which exceed 500,000. Piñeres said that he contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

“What I am going to tell you is one of the best kept secrets that I have had for many years and that today I share with you, hoping that someone will help or serve you,” the presenter introduced the video where she would later recount what is exposed here.

After the introduction, the presenter stated that it was not easy to accept it but she had been infected with the human papillomavirus, which is contracted through sexual contact with an infected person. This disease has a risk of developing cervical cancer.

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“For those who don’t know, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and in some cases, exactly mine, it gives rise to cervical cancer. For starters, he has no symptoms. Its incubation period can be up to 10 years and it is the third most frequent cancer in women in the country”Piñeres said, assuring that said virus caused the appearance of pre-cancer in his body.


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