Juliette Lewis About Britney Spears And Satan

On Instagram, Juliette Lewis went in a big way. And she wanted the whole world to see it too. In an unusual video, the actor / musician finds herself furious and somewhat frantic, lying under Britney Spears and Satan and woes of the world from inside her car. She is wondering why everyone went mad. We are left surprised by the same thing. Be sure to check out the wild video below. Also, make sure you pay attention to your volume levels, as is NSFW.

Juliette Lewis does not come across an instagram video rather than a caption, "#SimplerTimes." It seems that Natural Killers were born the actor was going on with her car and she wanted to talk to the masses through Instagram. In her video, she stretches the world, asking if we are all under Satan's control. Then she asks Britney Spears to save everyone. Then Juliette Lewis goes on to dance her heart.

The social media video seems to be funny in nature, so we should not be concerned about the mental state of Juliette Lewis at this time. But it is certainly an exciting piece of footage, one that is angry about the world at large. Although it is not clear exactly what Juliette Lewis is rubbing about her car – rather than Satan's apparent control over our lives. If you have any guess, you should put them in the traffic section below – because your opinion is also the ours. Of course, we would not blame you if this viral video was already lost.

It should also be noted that Juliette Lewis is meeting with Britney Spears 2013 single, "Work Bitch." Although Juliette Lewis has a lot of mind now, it seems that Britney Spears is helping her find her happy place – which is very exciting. Sometimes it is the total that you desire eagerly for you to return to the center. Or, in the case of Lewis, to keep you angry and raging at the great world being run by Satan. Whatever your boat moves.

As an actor, Juliette Lewis can currently be seen on the HBO drama series Camping, the newest series from Lena Dunham. In addition, there are a few upcoming films to be released by Lewis. These films include Roads Back, the first director of Alex Pettyfer, to be released later this month, as well Teenage Prophet Song and the adaptation of James Frey's controversial book, Million Small Piece.

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