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Medam (Ashwati, Bharani, Karthika first part)

Many gains can be expected in the first half of this month. The financial situation will be secure. But there may be some difficulties in the field of work in the second half. Government employees are also likely to get a transfer. Those who seek employment abroad will get the same opportunities. Be careful about health. May visit holy places.

Idavam (last quarter of Karthika, first half of Rohini, Makairam)

Feels like a good time. There will be a solution to the problems that have been bothering for some time. There will be peace in the field of work. Lost name can be recovered. There is no fear in health and the financial situation will improve. New ventures will be successful. The second half of the month is more favorable.

Mithunam (Makairam second half, Thiruvathira, Punartham first third)

There will be some disturbances in the field of work. Many things do not go as expected. Be careful to stay away from dangerous things. There may be differences of opinion between the couple. Students will be lazy in their studies. Pay attention to prayers and offerings without ceasing.

Cancer (Repeat last quarter, Puyam, Ailyam)

It is generally a time of God’s influence. You may have to leave home. Long journeys will end well. Try to stay away from things that may lead to scandal. Risks cannot be ruled out. The second half of the month is not good. Rheumatic diseases will increase. Financial status is secure.

Singham (Makam, Puram, Utram first quarter)

Family life will be happy. Health will improve. There will be a solution to the problems that have been bothering for some time. Income can increase in many ways. Suspended operations will resume. Those living in other countries can return to their own country.

Kanni (Utram last third, Atham, Chitira first half)

New responsibilities will be taken up. There may be disagreements with relatives. Pay special attention to your children’s studies. It is generally an auspicious time. There will be happiness in the family. The marriage of unmarried persons may also be arranged. The house will be durable.

Libra (Chitira second half, Choti, Visakha first third)

Will get transfer to far away place. Rheumatoid diseases will disturb. There will be some disturbances in the family. You will have to pay more for the vehicle. Students will get an opportunity for further studies. Harassment by rivals may occur. Many things do not happen as quickly as expected.

Scorpio (Visakha last quarter, Anizham, Thriketta)

There will be peace and happiness in the family. Candidates will get employment. Economic situation will improve. Will achieve high marks in competitive exams. Health is satisfactory. Some have yoga for a new vehicle too. You will get a change of location to the desired place. Be proud of your children’s achievements.

Dhanu (Moolam, Puradam, Uthradam first quarter)

New house construction will start. A lot of traveling is also possible. Happiness will prevail in the family. Students will be lazy in their studies. There will be some gains with luck. You may also get some benefits from the government. Be careful about health. Not so good at the end of the month.

Makaram (Uthradam last three quarters, Thiruvonam, Avitam first half)

Many things will slow down. Older people tend to pay more attention to health and financial matters. Pilgrimage and pious deeds are the solution to miseries. Time is not good for new ventures. Be careful to stay away from potentially dangerous things.

Kumbha (Avittam second half, Chatayam, Pururuttati first third)

Students will get high marks in the exam. Income will increase. Generally auspicious period. Many things can be accomplished with enthusiasm. Health will improve. Some happy news will arrive from abroad. Problems that have been bothering for a long time will be solved.

Pisces (Pururuttati last quarter, Uthruttati, Revathi)

Big profit can be expected from investments made earlier.Travels will be good.Marriage of unmarried people may be fixed. The second half of the month is more favorable. There will be a favorable decision in legal matters. Health condition will improve. Will participate in Mangala Karma along with family members.

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English Summary : Monthly Prediction in July 2022 by P B Rajesh


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