June 24, 1932 was not just “Government Change Day” but also used to be “National Day”.


On the 24th of June of every year, Thailand is regarded as Siam Revolution Day Apiwat Siam or “Government Change Day” which changed from an absolute monarchy to a democratic system with the King as Head of State at dawn by a group of people called “People’s Party” but few know that on the same day it was “National Day” before, before switching to Dec 5 instead of the present

  • Administrative change date

24 June of every year is considered as one of the important days in Thai history. or Siam at that time, that is “Government Change Day” is the date “People’s Party” make a revolution to change the regime from an absolute monarchy to become a democratic system with the King as Head of State

Called as a major change in the page of history ever. The plan starts at dawn or around 4.00 – 05.00 hrs. People’s Partyled the army and navy to gather around the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall along with claiming to be a parade

but after that Colonel Phraya Phahonphonphayuhasena Read the Declaration of the People’s Party No. 1, which has the theme of power in governing the country in various matters and details describing democracy.

But there will be a theme that has been talked about all the time, namely

“People should know that our country belongs to the people. It is not for the king as he deceives.”

In addition, the consequences immediately after the revolution His Majesty King Prajadhipok and the People’s Party has begun to managefirst constitutionto the people of Siam

The Interim Constitution Act was signed into effect on June 27, 1932 at 5:00 AM, which was already a pre-drafted document. There is a message in the constitution beginning Article 1 that states: “The supreme power of that country belongs to the people.”

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It is a gathering of officers and civilians. call yourself “People’s Party” Occurred because of the consequences of changes in world history as well as social and political changes within the country.

which has another name People’s Association or later use that Ratsaranrom Club The People’s Party consists of a group of people who want a change of governance. Most of them were students and military students studying and working in Europe.

starting fromPridi Banomyong Law students andPrayoon Pamonmontri political science student Before finding more members with the same idea, a total of 7 people are:

  1. Lieutenant Weird Khittasangka artillery student France
  2. Pridi Banomyong law student France
  3. Lieutenant Prayoon Pamonmontri political science student France
  4. Second Lieutenant Tassanai Mitphakdi Cavalry students France
  5. Tua Lapanukram science students Switzerland
  6. Jaroon Singhaseni Assistant to the Royal Thai Embassy in France
  7. Attached Phaholyothin Law student, United Kingdom

Before the revolution, the meeting resolved to change the regime from absolute monarchy. It is a democratic regime with a monarch under the law. by agreeing to use the method “sudden seizure of power”

including trying to avoid bloodshed Just as it happened in the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. After the revolution was over has marked the day of the change of government is a brass pin with the message engraved “Here, on June 24, 1932, at dawn, the People’s Party gave birth to a constitution. for the prosperity of the nation” which “People’s Party Pin” It is considered one of the historical democratic legacy that the People’s Party left for future generations.

  • People’s Board pin
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because to commemorate the point Colonel Phraya Phahonphonphayuhasena head of the People’s Party Announcement to change the system of government from absolute monarchy to democracy and read “Announcement of the People’s Party” The first issue was dated June 24, 1932.

A brass-colored round pin was etched into the ground in the middle of the road between the base of the equestrian statue and the entrance to the former High Command. But at present, the People’s Party pin has disappeared without a trace since 2017.

  • Democracy Temple

or the current name is Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Woramahawihan, Bang Khen which contains the ashes of important people in the People’s Party Including important people involved in the change of government in 1932 as well

  • Democracy Monument

It is a monument built byPeople’s Party Located in the middle of the roundabout between Ratchadamnoen Klang Road and Dinso Road. to commemorate the change of Siam’s governance from an absolute monarchy to a democracy In addition, the Democracy Monument is “center kilometer” which is a reference to measure the distance from Bangkok

  • Constitution Protection Monument

There is another name Rebellion Monument It is a monument that used to be located at the Lak Si roundabout. The intersection between Phahon Yothin Road and Chaeng Watthana Road and Ram Inthra Road

It was built to commemorate the political conflict that was to be defeated.Bowondej rebellion In the reign of Colonel Phraya Phahonphonphayuhasena be prime minister But it has the same fate as the People’s Party pin because the current status is lost. It is unclear whether it has been moved or destroyed.

  • national day in the past
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In addition to the 24th of June will be “Government Change Day” And in the past, today there is another state which is “National Day” After Thailand entered a democracy As a result, the People’s Party has the power to rule the country. and raise the status of such a day to become “National Day The first time was in 1939.

with the pushing efforts of Colonel Luang Phibunsongkhram It has been announced that 23-25 ​​June is a holiday. It is celebrated throughout the country in all sectors and most importantly, what people receive in the celebration of the first National Day is a blessing from “Institution of the King” with byHis Majesty King Ananda Mahidol Phra Attharamathibodinthorn orRama 8 Has sent a royal telegram to bless the Thai people on the occasion of National Day both in the first year until 1941.

Because after that, the unrest in Europe made it difficult to send telegrams. Later in 1960 Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat’s government Announcing the cancellation of the national day of 24 June and to consider the day of the King’s birthday as a national day instead, arguing that to comply with the traditions of the country with the monarch as head of state which at that time falls on December 5th and continues to be used until now

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