Jung Min-yong “After Kim Yong came to Yuwon Holdings, the 100 million herbal medicine bag disappeared”

Attorney Min-Yong Jeong, one of the assistants in the development of Daejang-Dong, testified in court about the circumstances in which the money appears to have been distributed to Yong-Kim, the former vice president of the Democracy Research Institute , at the Yuwon Holdings Office, where he worked with Yoo Dong-Kyu, the former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation.

Attorney Jung, who appeared as a witness in the trial of the illegal political fund case held by former Vice President Kim at the hearing of the 23rd Criminal Agreement section of the Seoul Central District Court, said, “At the end of April 2021, he received an envelope from a Korean medicine clinic including 100 million earned in Nam-wook Nam-wook’s office and sent to Yuwon Holdings office. When I jokingly conveyed to former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu that he had “brought medicine,” former general manager Yu testified “Yong said hyung would come.”

Attorney Jeong testified that “Former Vice President Kim Yong came and saw her entering the torture chamber with former Chief Yoo in the glass smoking room” and “After Vice President Kim left , this envelope disappeared.”

Attorney Jeong said, “Former Headquarters Director Yoo talked to former Vice President Kim several times and said, “To win the primary, 2 billion won is needed to control a functional group.” I found out that they were asking for a trust company license or ammunition relocation,” he said.

Regarding Jeong Jin-sang, former head of the Democratic Party’s political affairs coordination office, “In the second half of 2020, when former head Yoo said, “Mr.

Prosecutors believe that former Vice Chairman Kim conspired with Yoo Dong-gyu and Jeong Min-yong four times between April and August 2021, before and after the Democratic Party presidential primary, and received 840 million won by the lawyer Nam Wook. it is.

Following the prosecution, former Vice President Kim’s side is also questioning Attorney Jung, and former Vice President Kim’s side is expected to question the background of Attorney Chung’s unfavorable statements to former Vice President Kim while cooperating with an investigation the prosecution.