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Jung Min’s friend’s cell phone, an environmental sanitation center found

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The mobile phone of a friend A, who had been with the late Son Jung-min, was found. According to the Seoul Police Agency, at 11:29 am on the 30th, an employee of the Banpo Information Center at Hangang Park reported to the Seocho Police Station, saying, “The Environmental Beautification Service acquired a mobile phone and submitted it.” The police confirmed that the mobile phone belonged to Mr. A by entering the password.

Normal operation after charging… I decided to do forensics

After checking the closed circuit TV (CCTV), Seo Cho-seo called Lee Mi-won to check the exact facts, such as the date and time of acquisition. In this regard, an official at the Banpo Information Center said, “I know that an elderly beauty salon acquired a mobile phone and had it for a while.”

The phone was turned off, but it worked normally after charging. The police are planning to closely analyze the contents of calls or messages exchanged between Mr. Son and Mr. A through digital forensics while requesting fingerprints, blood marks, and genetic identification.

Mr. A fell asleep again after talking with his parents on his mobile phone at around 3:38 am on the 25th of last month, the day Mr. Son disappeared, and returned home with his mobile phone. At the time of the discovery of Mr. Son’s body on the 30th of last month, Mr. A’s mobile phone was not found. This mobile phone has been attracting attention because it can be a clue to Son’s last deeds.

Reporter Choi Yeon-soo

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